Sir Peter Ipatas leaves party for PNC

With only six weeks to go before polling begins and security operations are still stagnant and waiting for funding.

Members of the coalition parties are abandoning their parties and joining the ruling party Peoples National Congress to form the next government.

One of such parties is the Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas’ People’s Party.

Sir Peter relinquished the party leadership to Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp.

In a statement, Sir Peter indicated his intentions to contest under the PNC banner.

He said as a senior Highlands leader, I have an obligation to maintain the successful leadership in Government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“We have seen unprecedented development over the past five years, especially for Enga Province.

“Over the past five years Peter O’Neill has delivered unparalleled support to Enga Province.

“We have never seen a Government deliver for Enga as we have seen from this Government.”

He said the commitment shown by Peter O’Neill as Prime Minister and Leader of PNC has changed Enga and the changes are there for all to see.

“Above all else, education is my number one policy in Enga without fail, and this vision is shared by Prime Minister O’Neill.

“Working with Peter O’Neill, as our Prime Minister, we have placed more Engan children in schools, in training colleges and in universities than any time before.

“By standing for PNC I am showing my support for the numbers needed for the Governor-General to call on Peter O’Neill to form Government after the election.”

Freddy Mou