National Cultural Commission (NCC)

Free financial literacy for members

Nambawan Supa Limited (NSL) and the National Cultural Commission (NCC) were pleased with the results of their recent partnership which led to 37 NCC staff receiving their Certificates of Completion for the training.

With the training the NCC staff are now equipped with the valuable skills needed to improve their financial wellbeing whilst they are working and when they retire.

NCC Launches New Look

The NCC held a small reception at the National Parliament in the State Function Room for staff, management and board, launching their new Corporate Uniform and logo.

Like every other organization, having a corporate uniform is important as it represents the image and brand for its organization.

NCC Executive Director, Steven Kilanda said that in today’s world people often find it hard to identify staff and members of the public service and it is critical that they be seen and recognized.

Bilum Meri Has Her Say

The plant fibres are woven into yarn to make bags or dresses and other garments. Kamel is known locally as the "Bilum Meri" and is an outspoken advocate for women's rights.

At the recent National Cultural Policy launch officiated by Prime Minister James Marape and National Cultural Commission board members, Florence was invited to speak as a representative of the Culture and Creative Industry.

The bilum symbolically represents PNG and is very significant about and to Papua New Guineans and on a very practical level it is what everybody uses from children to grown-ups.

NCC Farewells Tourism Minister

The event was hosted to celebrate the goals he had achieved during his term, paving the way forward in Tourism, Arts and Culture.

NCC Board Chairman and Secretary Department of PM & NEC, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu when delivering the welcome speech, mentioned how one of the most vocal agendas that have been achieved with the NEC through the Minister’s commitment, was the approved policy.

NCC Assists Choir Group

NCC is now working in partnership as per the Government’s policy on Public Private Partnership (PPP) to bring cultural services to the people and at the same time working to preserve, safeguard, protect, develop and promote PNG’s cultural heritage.

And as such NCC provided financial assistance of K10,000 to the ‘End Times Swallows’ singing Ministry, a of gospel choir group of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, established ssin PNG more than 20 years ago.

WNB, Commission Partners To Strengthen Culture

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel when speaking at the event said such initiative will help curb the law and order in the province.
He said West New Britain is a tourist attraction with many tourists travelling into the province every day to explore the tourism destination especially the reefs at the Walindi resort.
“Therefore, we must embrace the culture in our province and allow tourists to explore our hidden treasures through our culture.” 

NCC to sign agreement with WNBP

The MoU is one of the Partnership arrangements NCC is looking at to sustain arts and culture programs and activities throughout the country, in the bid to preserve, safeguard, protect and promote arts and cultures of the indigenous people of PNG. 
The MoU will allow provincial governments to capture all culture and arts programs, activities, cultural resources, assets, facilities and establishments in their provincial budgetary system so that they take ownership.

Creative Hub For PNG Artists

This wonderful project is the brainchild of UPNG Creative Arts Strand Leader, Philemon Yalamu and his two teenage boys. The creative hub is just like a website but one that holds certain information.

“The four goals that this object focuses on are promote, market, showcase and empower. Those four concepts are the grounding principals based on the data that we collect. Going forward the data we collect, point to several factors and most of it are specifically to do with artists not able to have a dedicated place where they could display their work, said Yalamu.

NCC Launch Plan And Calendar

NCC’s Executive Director Steven Kilanda said that the two important documents launched signify the work they have so far launched, developed and sanctioned with almost 77 cultural festivals and cultural shows around the country in the past three years.

Kilanda said COVID-19 challenges did not deter them from hosting mini festivals and shows in the rural settings, all with complete adherence of the mandatory COVID restrictions.

NCC Awarded For Outstanding Performance

The award, said to be a first of its kind, was presented to NCC Executive Director Steven Kilanda, by Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management (DPM), Taies Sansan.

In 2015, DPM manually put in place the Personal Management System (PMS) to monitor the performance of the statutory bodies, agencies, commissions and the public servants to provide effective service delivery. It later moved the system online, and has been operational for the past two years.