Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas

Ipatas warns against early campaigning

“I want to warn those who are desperate in carrying out early campaigns in the province that the people of Enga want delivery of service and projects more than sweet talks,” Sir Peter Ipatas said.

Enga is a progressive province that does not need any aliens to come ‘from nowhere’ and talk about reviving it, said the Governor.

He also took a swipe at the political rally organised by the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party and its founder, Opposition Leader and Kandep Open MP, Don Polye. The gathering took place early this month.

Education will remain a priority in Enga: Ipatas

He said this when officially opening a guest house at Sari Primary School, near Wabag town, last Friday.

Sir Peter says his government believes that an educated Engan population would contribute meaningfully in improving the “living standard” of the people.

He says critics are wrong to say that his provincial government spends too much money on education.

Such interpretations are wrong as they (critics) are not properly assessing the situation.

Ipatas: MPs had the opportunity to deliver

Sir Peter was at Ambum valley, Enga Province, speaking to more than 2000 residents during the weekend.

“There is no leader or a group that can make miracles. Everyone that is in Parliament now have utterly wasted their time,” he told parents, students and teachers on Saturday.

People must understand that leaders do not have the extraordinary ability to address issues overnight, he added.

Sir Peter stated that he is committed to supporting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the coalition partners to continue to deliver much-needed services and projects to the people.

Enga received over K100m this year, reveals Abel

This was revealed by National Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel recently during the launching of PNG Power line to Tsak valley.

He said the funding allocated to Enga, under the 2015 budget, was to help build the teachers’ college, nursing school and the new hospital projects.

“The Government is doing this because it has trust and confidence in the Enga Provincial Government under the leadership of Sir Peter Ipatas’ ability to deliver important projects,” Minister Abel said.

Kandep DDA must pay for torched classroom: Sir Peter

“I also made a call for the National Government to divert district funds from Kandep to pay for this classroom, because this are innocent kids deprive of their education because the classroom was burnt down because counting was supposed to be held there,” Sir Peter said.

He claimed the burning of the classroom is a direct result of the school hosting the Supreme Court ordered recount of the 2012 National Election ballot papers.     

“Supporters who want to delay the counting burnt down the classroom,” Sir Peter alleged.

Sir Peter Ipatas calls for PDA audits

The challenge was put to them by Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, in a media conference today.

Ipatas said the threat to shut down operations was irresponsible especially when there was a lot to be desired in terms of accountability.

“We are now calling on the appropriate authorities and PDA to come out and produce their financial reports since inception.”

“Because from records that we have, we see that more than K130 million has been given through their accounts in terms of Special Support Grants and National Government Grants,” said Ipatas.

Enga Governor praises police for keeping peace

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas made these comments in a news conference in Port Moresby today.      

“I commend the police for doing a good job.

“They do not have all the manpower they require but the police under the supervision of our PPC George Kakas have been doing lots of PR (public relations) work, talking to the faction and communicating the right information that is why he has maintain a level of calmness in the province,” Sir Peter said.   

Sir Peter appeals to people of Kandep for peace

Sir Peter in a media conference in Port Moresby brushed aside rumours circulating that he had an influence in the calling of the recount.   

“I would like to inform the people of Kandep and Enga Province that this recount is been held as a direct order from the court.

“There is misconception that some of us have authority to call for recount, the speculation on the ground is totally nonsense. 

“The recount was direct result of candidate Alfred Manase challenging Honourable Don Poyle’s win; it got nothing to do with me or Enga Provincial Government. 

​Aussie envoy happy with use of funds

Davis was speaking during the ground breaking ceremony of K6.7 million students’ mess and a dormitory construction at the Enga College of Nursing, Enga Province, last week.

He said he was particularly happy with the Enga Provincial Government, under the leadership of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, because he was investing in education and health. These were his government’s priority partnership programs in Papua New Guinea.

Govt’s policy results in poor quality of education: Ipatas

He said the government’s policy has resulted in poor quality of education and shortage of teachers especially in the English, Mathematics and Science subjects in secondary schools.

He said the Enga Provincial Government is now intending to address this issue and called on the Minister of Higher Education Malakai Tabar to support them.

Tabar, when responding to Sir Peter during Question Time in Parliament said the Government will be supporting the Enga Provincial government in the programmes.