NCDC continues betelnut spittle war

If there is one thing city authorities have not been able to control in the State of Emergency, it is betelnut spittle.

The irresponsible behaviour of betelnut chewers, spitting the red liquid all over public infrastructure, is only going to maintain the ban on betelnut for as long as the National Capital District Commission is concerned.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, is not letting his guard down over the COVID-19 situation, and SoE or no SoE, he is maintaining the betelnut ban simply because residents continue to be irresponsible with their betelnut waste.

Among the actions that will be taken, PMVs and taxis are to refuse passengers chewing betelnut.

“I’ve met with respective state agencies to stop the proliferation of buai and (buai) spit in the city. Right now we have a goal and a policy for PMVs and taxis to be buai-free public transport.”

He made the point that NCDC owns the infrastructure in the city, and will stop and fine public transport owners, including drivers and bus crews, who allow passengers with betelnut in their mouth on board, because it can only lead to irresponsible chewing and spitting onto public infrastructure.

“We have not learnt anything, despite the ban. People can’t take responsibility so authorities have to make tough decisions.”

Specifics on this new initiative will be announced sometime next week.

The Governor said the SoE has led to a relatively clean and peaceful city, and he would like that this new normal is maintained.

Salome Vincent