NCDC announces COVID-19 plan

Governor for NCD and his team at the Commission have announced a simple yet comprehensive plan to safeguard residents.

The plan is in line with the National Government’s commitment to make sure that the country contains the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

Governor Powes Parkop says the city must be prepared.

“It is very important that we must understand that there is a high price to pay if we fail to prepare. To be prepared for an emergency, we must plan as follows, plan on their reduction of the risk, we must be in a state of readiness and we must respond and have a plan to recover,” Parkop stated.

Parkop outlined that there are three simple plans that the Commission has come up with and issued a strong warning to the residents of Port Moresby to adhere to it. There should not be any complacency.

“Our goal is to bring our city to green code; that means no infection,” he stated.

“The first part is prevention. This is the most important strategy. As much as possible, stay at home, minimise going out.

“I want to call on our people in the city, just stay at home. When you stay at home, you limit yourself from being infected.”

The Governor also urged PMVs to stop operating, everyone to wash hands regularly and to stop spitting.

“If the PMV runs, it will move people here and there inside the PMV too we cannot maintain social distancing.

“Second plan to prevention is to wash your hands all the time and do not touch your nose and face without washing your hands. Do not cough or spit openly before others.”

He added that NCDC has also shut down betelnut side markets to avoid people from spitting everywhere.

The second strategy is testing. This will be rolled out in phases.  At the moment they are still building capacity at these clinics.

“Gerehu, Tokara, Nine-Mile, Six-Mile, Lawes Road, Kaugere and two mobile clinics on standby. They can be called anywhere in the city.

“As I’ve said, we are building up capacity. They are not ready yet to start testing. But we are building up capacity so that in 14 days’ time, if there’s an outbreak, your city will be ready to respond.”

The third strategy is the curative health response. This is a response that NCD shares with the National Government. This is to provide the highest care to the people who may be infected.

The Rita Flynn complex will be set up for quarantine, isolation and testing.

Jemimah Sukbat