Improved education quality in NCD

National Capital District has been ready to take on Provincial government responsibilities for a long time, but was just overlooked by the national government.

The signing of an MOU between the National Department of Education and the NCDC this week is a relief.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop has expressed that it is a relief as the groundwork in the form of an MOU was signed in 2016 for the former education minister, now minister for HERST, Nick Kuman. He reassured the Department of Education that the partnership will continue.

“That today is not a departure where we will cut the total ties with the department of education and the ministry. And I want to assure the minister and the secretary that today starts a new partnership. A real partnership to provide high quality education to our children.”

He said NCD had the capacity to handle national matters, but it was not given the powers, unlike other provinces.

“So we are not in a rush, but we think that now is the time 45 years on that the city must start to take over certain responsibilities.”

Parkop said NCDC governance is a good model for other provinces to follow.

“Now we are trying to look at re-organizing the provincial government system. They should look at the model that we have. It’s a balance between the elected and appointed government. And it’s working. We are putting politics aside, limiting the politics and focusing on service delivery, infrastructure development, lifting the city, providing the atmosphere, the environment for the city to take off and our people to rise.” He said.

Now with the signing of the MOU, NCDC will flap its wings to rise up and with it the advancement of the education structure in the city.

“Our vision for the education in the city is to provide universal and quality education to our children, they deserve it. They are entitled to it and we must get the best teachers too must be supported because the two equation goes together. Learning must be a very best learning environment. And that’s a big challenge.”

 Parkop noted the overcrowding in the city and lack of teachers’ accommodation and said such issues will now be addressed with the powers of management in their hands.

Frieda Kana
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