Kipit focused on change

These are words by city manager Bernard Kipit when acknowledging a few issues faced in the nation’s capital.

Kipit was more specific on the traffic congestions in the city, which has been a concern to the traveling public.

He said over the last 5 – 6 years, new 4 lane roads have been built, new traffic lights installed.

But this developments also excite business and people, who tend to buy new vehicles, adding on the existing issue.

NCDC sets up Kadovar relief

A tent has been setup at City Hall to co-ordinate the Relief Appeal and any individual or business houses willing to assist this worthy cause is urged to call into City Hall to make a donation.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and City Manager Leslie Alu, announced the relief efforts of the Commission on Monday with a strong appeal to the general public and business houses in the city to contribute to relieve the plight of the people of East Sepik.

VIDEO: Calls to cater for vendors

This was stated by the NCDC market planning and contracts supervisor Rex Kuman.


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NCDC asks court to quash damage payment

Lawyer for NCDC, Peter Kuman, today asked the bench, made up of Justice Stephen Kassman, Justice John Logan and Justice Robert Lee Lindsay, to quash the National Court’s decision of 2 March 2016.

The National Court had previously ordered NCDC to pay Yama Security Services (YSS) Ltd a total of K17,871,510 in damages for breaching a contract, which was to have ended in 2002.

Today Kuman told the court that decision should be quashed because there was no evidence put by Yama Security Services of the loss it suffered then, as a result of the breach.

NCDC appeal against Yama Security set

The matter came for directions hearing today in the Supreme Court where the matter was set.

This case is the appeal which NCDC filed against the decision of the National Court on March 2, 2016 which ordered NCDC to pay Yama Security Services (YSS) Ltd a total of K17,871,510 in damages for breaching a contract, 18 years ago.

NCDC is appealing this decision on 10 grounds. It is seeking orders from the Supreme Court to have the National Court’s decision of March 2, 2016 quashed.

June Valley settlers call Governor for resettlement

Gomosasipo Community Association Inc., who are also part of the June Valley community have expressed concerns over their said relocation dating back to 2015.

Secretary, Garry Imiri said that they had learnt about the construction of the new road back in 2015 of which they were promised a land for relocation once the construction began.

Untill today, they are still waiting.

Members of the Gomodasipo Association had set up a land profile with each of the family heads listed down who were ready for relocation.

Farwell program deferred to afternoon

Instead, it has been rescheduled to start at 12:30pm today.

The program will go ahead at this time as planned. It starts with a farewell program at the parliament house, then to the Constitutional Park where the East Sepik Council of Chiefs will host their farewell program.

A motorcade is then organised to proceed from the park to the former self-government office, now the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, located at Konedobu.

NCDC and UN Women to highlight Sanap Wantaim Campaign

As a result, resources for initiatives to prevent and end violence against women and girls are severely lacking.

UN Women and NCDC in a collaborative effort to honor the International Day to end Violence Against Women and Girls will sign orange hand pledges to make Port Moresby safe for Women and Girls.

On November 25, as part of the International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls, Governor Powes Parkop and Dr. Jeffery Buchanan, UN Women Country Director will lead a walk of youth and civil society organisations.

More settlers being evicted by NCDC officials

This is the second time a group of NCDC officials have returned to remove more family homes.

Community leader Don Mune says all they know is that NCDC had authorised this action to have the settlers vacate the land and move out as soon as possible as some development would be taking place.

Mune says he is upset that Governor Parkop would do such a thing by inviting other people like developers to come in the name of development while ordinary Papua New Guineans would suffer.

NCDC: No evidence of some facts in ‘buai’ case

Lawyers representing the National Capital District Commission, the Speaker of Parliament and the people of the Mekeo-Kuni LLG in the Kairuku-Hiri District returned to court today to make final submissions on the facts the full court should look into.

Justice Allan David who heard the submission in the trial which he conducted to settle those disputed facts reserved his findings today.

He said he will consult with the Chief Justice and see which way the case goes before it returns for directions hearing where a date can be fixed for the actual hearing of the reference.