Early Childhood Education

K50, 000 To Support Early Learning

BbP held an event at the Book Shop & Reading Corner at Theodist, where seven students were dressed in Theodist uniforms to receive the cheque handed over by Corporate Development Manager, Ryan Pini and Purchasing Manager, Shaun Pini. 

Ryan Pini said, “Like Buk Bilong Pikinini, Theodist acknowledges the value of early childhood education and understands that an investment in our children is an investment in the future of Papua New Guinea.” 
The former swimming champion and manager also read one of the new readers to the children. 

Early Childhood Education Vital

The Learning Centre covers students coming from the settlement areas in six mile, 5 mile and Gordons and has 60 students attending.

Female candidate for Moresby North East, Tania Bale, spoke to parents and children about the importance of Early Childhood Education and what she sees in young children.
The 6 Mile Library Learning Centre Chairman, Seri Peter, appreciated the gesture as it was the first of its kind and recommended children being the improvement for the next generations to come.

Early Childhood Development, Vital

National Capital District Commission’s Active City Development Program created Pilai Program launched in January this year has reached out to children in the city and Motu Koitabu villages who are not able to attend early childhood education.

Active City Development Program’s Fazila Bazari said the program has reached more than 120 children this year.

"These children have learnt faster being here than if they had not signed up. They have learnt through the recreation and play sessions to be clean, healthy, hygienic and have also adapted a nutritious diet" she added.