NCDC maintains COVID-19 Protocols

Governor Powes Parkop this week stressed that he wants Minimum Standards of COVID-19 Protocols to be maintained in the city, even if the government lifts restrictions.


He made this remarks on the occasion of receiving additional masks from a local business company on Wednesday 23rd September.

Eliseo Trading Limited donated 400,000 facemasks, valued at K800,000 to the National Capital District Commission. This gesture has increased the company's total facemasks donation to 600,000

Previously Eliseo Trading also donated 200,000 facemasks to National Capital District police and other frontline workers.

General Manager of Eliseo Trading Limited Ian Ng said despite their sales being affected by the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic, they are still obliged to help protect the communities. 

During the presentation at the City Hall, Governor Parkop said these lot of facemasks will be distributed to schools, police posts, hospitals, NCD school buses, markets and participants of Active City program for the rest this month and next month.

Governor Parkop said residents should make the new normal for Covid-19 protocols become part of their lifestyle, so they are well prepared, should there be another pandemic in future.

Parkop called on the city residents to keep practicing the 'niupela pasin' in washing hands, social distancing, wearing masks and stop spitting to avoid contracting TB and other diseases, adding that, it is important that when the National Government wants to lift restrictions, minimum standards of Covid-19 protocols have to be maintained.











Frieda Kana