Parkop applauds decision

As the COVID-19 lockdown in the National Capital District now ceased, NCD Governor Powes Parkop has appealed to citizens to be responsible and to take care of themselves during this health crisis.

In a media conference on Wednesday 12th of August, he applauded the government for uplifting the city lockdown.  He said the NCD Task Force welcomes Prime Minister James Marape’s decision and one that they have been pushing for the last weeks.

Governor Parkop said that it is not an easy decision to allow life to go on under the new normal and citizens must adhere to the measures put in place.

“This is not an easy decision, it took a lot of courage and conviction to make this decision.”

He said while the government is doing all it can to respond to this pandemic health wise, the country is also challenged with other issues particularly the economy.  These issues were considered in the decision.

Governor Parkop said the Government can lead and take care of us to a certain extent and appealed to citizens to be responsible for their own lives, families and our communities.

“Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning it has to be a new start. The responsibility is on our shoulders now, “continued Governor Parkop.

Meanwhile, he encouraged the public to continue wearing masks, subscribe to a healthy lifestyle, maintain social distancing and to eat healthy.

Jemimah Sukbat