Leadership must be promoted: Parkop

It is an official part of Government policy to promote leadership, says National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.

Parkop made these remarks at a public event this week in the Moresby South electorate following complaints from the public on social media about the use of faces and names of politicians on buildings and other things.

Parkop argued that money has been appropriated under the Provincial and District Services Improvement Program (PSIP and DSIP) funds to promote leadership.

He said, “We are just complementing and encouraging someone who has done well as a leader and it’s not about campaigning.

“Papua New Guineans are not stupid and they’ll make the right decision to vote for whoever they want to vote.

“But when a person is achieving or doing great things, the only token of appreciation is to celebrate and give them a name to something.”

Parkop added that credit needs to be given where it’s due and people against this have a low self-esteem and are full of negative energy.

Quintina Naime