Free Education

No benefit in free education policy: PM

The HELP will enable tertiary students to get the loan directly from the government.

Prime Minister James Marape has already spoken to the MPs and governors to assist parents right across the country to pay K150 for elementary up to primary school and K500 for high school to secondary schools.

Prime Minister Marape said with HELP, the government is asking parents to partner with them.

Free education changing lives: PM

Speaking on International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: “With education, and improved literacy and numeracy skills, women have greater opportunities to have careers and to start businesses.

“With education, women are better informed to make family planning choices and to be able to decide if and at what point in their lives to have a family.

“We must never let the opportunity for free education be lost in the future, and we must continue to ensure girls have equal an opportunity to enjoy their right to education.”

Students encouraged to work hard

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop told the students during his visit to the school this week to work hard in school to become someone in the future.

Parkop said the Government has spent a lot on free education by providing the Tuition Free Fee policy and so it is now up to the students to play their part.

“We’ve done all we can and what we are required to do as members of parliament and students have to do their part as well.

O’Neill confident to form next government

He made this known during the ground breaking ceremony of the new Apenda Provincial High School in his electorate.

He said this new government will continue its free education and free health care policies.

“The People’s National Congress Party-led government is fully committed to our Tuition Fee Free Education Policy and to building education from the grass-roots up,” the Prime Minister said.

“Our government will continue to invest in education through all provinces in the country, and Apenda High School is no different as it is the future of our children.

K75m TFF for term one disbursed to schools

Minister for Education Nick Kuman confirmed this week that they have collected K55m and K20m last week for TFF.

Kuman said K75m year mark for first half of term one this year has been rolled out to all the schools throughout the country.

He highlighted that no excuse should come from the schools to charge fees.

“We have done well for the government since 2012 with all schools paid 100 percent of TFF.”

He said all 13 441 schools eligible for TFF with 2.2 million students throughout the country have received all the TFF funds since 2012 to 2016.

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The Central Student Union president James Winnie admits that organisers of a cultural event did not anticipate the numbers of people who would attend the event.

Fee free payments going to schools now says Education boss