PNG Hosts Simultaneous Ceremony of the Coronation

Governor of The National Capital District, Powes Parkop, delivered the opening address at the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6th, 2023, held at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium in Papua New Guinea.

The ceremony was conducted simultaneously with the live coronation ceremony in London, United Kingdom, to showcase the country's profound appreciation for the monarchy and its membership in the Commonwealth.

Parkop emphasized the significance of being a member of the Commonwealth, not to extend the British Empire but to establish a community of nations based on shared values and history.

He pointed out that the Commonwealth served as a platform for developing a world order based on peace and shared prosperity, which is more relevant than ever, given the current global divisions.

Parkop acknowledged that the coronation of King Charles III is a special tradition celebrated worldwide to welcome a new beginning and a new era for the monarch, the Commonwealth, and the world.

He drew a parallel between the Kukari Chieftaincy System, where he comes from, and the inauguration of a new Chief after the previous one passes away, which is a similar occasion that his people celebrate.

King Charles III is familiar with Papua New Guinea, having visited the country several times to represent his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Governor described His Majesty as a great friend of PNG and a strong advocate for protecting and conserving the natural environment.

Parkop expressed confidence that King Charles III would be a great King of the UK, the Commonwealth, and PNG.

The Governor thanked the distinguished guests, members of the diplomatic corps, heads of departments and statutory organizations, and the public who watched the event via live streaming.

He closed his address by proclaiming, "Long Live Our King - King Charles III," and hoping that his reign would bring peace and prosperity to the Commonwealth and the world.

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