Iduhu assists with Seawall project

It was a great way of giving back and helping the community with the issue of sea level rising. Member for Hiri-Koiari, Keith Iduhu, shared this when volunteers in Gaire Village stepped forward to help rebuild the Touru Seawall recently.

Iduhu praised the 12 selfless volunteers who came up with the initiative to protect the community from habitual threat of high tides and climate change.

According to Human Rights Watch, For PNG, it is facing more than double the global average in annual sea level rise and the worst is yet to come.

“While Hiri-Koiari DDA is actively working to disburse our resources to genuine initiatives like this, it is important we don’t make excuses and do what we can to improve our communities with our available manpower and human effort,” Iduhu said.

He shared that the District Development Authority is actively encouraging more community action to better the environment, and wherever they can, will show up, endorse great initiatives and provide support.

“It was a great success and I am proud to see our people turn up and volunteer their time, energy and resources to make this initiative possible.” 

Loop Author