Port Moresby

Waiting for the cross

The faithful and enthusiastic who walked the way of the cross this morning in the nation’s capital each have a reason why they walk.

For one 18-year-old, Theo Aron, he did not walk the way of the cross, rather he woke up from his sleeping area under the Waigani freeway tunnel as police came in to move them out in anticipation of the walk passing through.

Flyover area to be monitored

However, illegal vending and the use of the area underneath the flyover have given rise to criminal and other illegal activities.

The National Capital District Commission says the area under the flyover is now out of bound and penalties will be imposed to intruders.

NCDC Regulatory Services and City Manager Bernard Kipit say effective as of March 22nd, all vending and commuting under the area beneath the Kumul Flyover must be stopped.

Pom experiencing power outage

PNG Power advised consumers that the outage which started from 8:35am was due to a High Voltage Link burnt off at the Moitaka Power Station.

In a statement, PPL’s Corporate Relations says that they have begun the restoration process and will keep consumers posted regarding this.

Consumers are being told to contact the National Call Centre on 70908000 and 75008000 for any information regarding this they can also email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg.

Cancer awareness at rugby field

Present at the field yesterday was coordinator Dadi Toka Junior, who said cancer relentlessly affects women in the country and such occasions as this provide great opportunities for awareness to be made.

The Lahara Force team – or Elex team – were able to pose with posters and brochures to promote the fight against cancer.
The brochures also elaborated on the causes of cancer and how one can prevent this deadly disease.

Cancer, also called malignancy, is described by the Web MD as an abnormal growth of cells.

Gordon’s barracks demolition halted

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, confirmed that this has come about following a court order issued by the district court last week.

The order restrains the police hierarchy from removing tenants and occupants from the three single quarters of the single barracks.

Meanwhile, the families and tenants remain housed at the barracks until the courts arrive at a decision.

The next court hearing is set for this Wednesday (Feb 28).

Pacific Place renamed MRDC Haus

The renaming was officially announced early this month in a small ceremony attended by landowner directors, tenants and management and staff of Mineral Resource Development Company (MRDC) and Pacific Property Trust (PPT).

MRDC managing director, Augustine Mano, said the building was 25 years old and since taking over the trusteeship of PPT at a cost of K70 million in 2014, MRDC has spent close to K32 million to carry out renovations as part of a modernisation plan.

PNGeans will not lose jobs: Duma

The Minster said this when questioned yesterday by Northern Governor Gary Juffa over the agreement between the State and the Philippines-based International Container Terminal Services Incorporated (ICTSI) company.

Governor Juffa said facts in his possession prove that the company has a track record of mistreating employees, pushing out local business and charging ridiculous tariffs.

Governor Juffa questioned the Minister why a company with a terrible track record was given a terminal operation contract.

Refugees in POM return to Manus

A team from the PNG Immigration, Police and Correctional Service flew with the refugees into Manus last Friday on a chartered Air Nauru flight.

Four of those who were supposed to be on the flight stayed back in Port Moresby.

Manus PPC, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said they were received by PNG Immigration officers and Police and escorted to their new accommodation site at Hillside and West Lorengau in Ward 1.

He said the refugees were voluntarily escorted from Port Moresby to Manus and later transported to their campsite without any use of force.

Quick-thinking NCD youth prevent disaster

The road is the main link to the LNG Napanapa site, through the Ranuguri settlement.

An existing culvert located between the PNG Power distribution site and the tunnel was an accident waiting to happen.

Following the last few days of continuous rain in Port Moresby, debris had collected at the mouth of the culvert, laid some six meters below the ground surface.

Local youth at the scene said this culvert was blocked off, forcing the flood to pave its own path under the sealed road.

Students sent home

Its effects were surely felt today  in the nation's capital and parts of Central Province when schools were forced to send their students back home due to the continuous downpour and cold weather.

However, what's more concerning is the project fee.

While the government has issued another warning to schools not to charge project fees, parents and teachers know too well that schools need it.

At one of the city’s biggest primary schools, Wardstrip Demonstration, concerns relating to project fees were the main query raised by parents.