Port Moresby

Bystanders injured in Gordon police shootout

Loop PNG caught up with the two injured bystanders, Rodney Mes and Augusta Bigade, while they were being treated at the Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency ward.

Mes said he and his young daughter were trying to get on a bus 4 when the shooting occurred, while Begade was trying to walk towards a shop adjacent to the bus stop when she was hit.

Mes was injured on his left hand while Bigade suffered wounds on her right cheek and right back area.

Both are still nursing their wounds at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Famous and fabulous Fish n Chips making a comeback

Not to brag or anything.

But if you are one health conscious and money minded person, check out Laurabada Avenue over the weekend.

A couple with the passion for catering  at a reasonable price started their home business last year.

The fish and chips in particular has quickly become a hit, not only to the softball audience, but is quickly attracting others throughout the city.

Husband Vagi Ravu said they have also received customers who come only to try out the fish and chips.

Media education seminar involves seven schools

Aside from the student participants and media coordinators of the different schools, representatives from mainstream media also graced the event.

The sessions focused on print media with the objective of producing newsletters, school newspapers and even write ups of events to be sent to the media and posted on a school news bulletin board.

Ian Zuasula took the participants through the anatomy of a newspaper, citing sections from the two daily newspapers of the country.

Port Moresby's ‘ghost town’

Since the fire brought the line of shops to ashes, Boroko has been very hard to look at in the past week.

Opportunists were still rummaging through the ashes without police presence in the area.

Loop PNG visited Tabari Place and Boroko Craft Market to interview commuters this weekend and found out that since the fire, the area has become more and more unsafe.

Commuters who frequent Boroko because of their jobs, access to shopping centres and public services, like the bank and post office, said the area has become an eyesore.

Don’t be fooled by high buai prices!

Loop PNG took to some main buai (betelnut) markets to check prices out and noted that buai has had a massive price drop!

A few months ago, a group of 5 to 6 buai was going for K10 and K20 but now, it has gone down to K2 and K5 at the main markets.

Some sellers at the main market said the green nuts are already here, meaning the green gold season has returned in the provinces! This also includes mustard (daka).

Bringing out talents with Sprite

This idea is captured through Sprite Saikap – the PNG adaptation of Sprite’s global campaign “Obey you”.

In its second year now, the event is staged with the main message to encourage young people to step out of their comfort zones and follow their passions.

“We understand that with the literacy rate in PNG, sometimes, people are not so academically talented. So Sprite Saikap is just to encourage them that you don’t have to be school smart or book smart to make something for yourself,” said campaign manager Jacob Ilave.

Cervical cancer vaccine myths busted

Facilitated by the PNG Cancer Foundation, the workshop focused mainly on myths and facts around the HPV Vaccine.

This was presented by HPV technical advisor Dr. Julie Stinshoff using a powerpoint to point out the myths and backing it up with facts of the HPV Vaccine.

MYTH: The vaccine wasn't properly tested and hasn't been proven to prevent HPV-related cancers

FACT: In initial clinical trials, the vaccine was given to 20,000 women aged 16–26 years in 33 countries including Australia, before it was approved for widespread use.

O’Neill officially opens 2017 Leaders’ Summit

The Summit brought together national, provincial and local level governments, government department and statutory agencies heads and commodity boards, as well as private sector bodies and development partners.

The annual event provides a forum for Provincial and Districts level leaders to present reports on achievements and disappointments experienced at all Government levels.

The Summit is an initiative of the current coalition government led by O’Neill since taking office in 2012.

Unemployed people invited to sign up for jobs

The event is hosted by PNGJOBSEEK, PNG’s hardest working job site developed to be able to manage 1000’s of jobs online and visits by countless job seekers each month in every province of PNG.

PNGJOBSEEK marketing coordinator Solomon Tulumby said the invitation is open to people who are still job hunting or need a career change.

Tulumby urges the public to bring along their most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV) or complete one with the team to register.

“You can sign up to receive job alerts on your mobile and learn how to apply via SMS anywhere, anytime.

Show thanks listeners for tributes

Current Talkback Show co-host Douglas Dimagi said they have received hundreds of tributes throughout the week following Hau’ofa’s passing on Saturday, March 4.

Hau’ofa served the radio industry for more than 50 years and hosted the popular radio talkback show since its inception in 1995 up until mid-2016.

“We acknowledge the overwhelming response and support we’ve been getting through the show this week,” said Dimagi.

“We have had many callers and radio personalities who have paid tribute to the legendary Roger Hau’ofa.”