Erima youth saying no to crime

The year 2024 is a year of change and saying no to taking part in law and order issues. This is the new approach for the youth at Erima in Port Moresby.

With the support of the Youth Mobilization Program (YMP) and the National Narcrotics Bureau (NNB), the youth of Erima have put their hands up to say no to crime and bring back a good image to the community.

Erima Youth Association Inc. Chairman Evan Jackpohai, said there is a huge gap with access to education and unemployment.

Jackpohai said this year they are working collaboratively with the two agencies to change the situation and create a more positive community with more opportunities to better the lives of the youth.

On Thursday 8th February 2024, both agencies visited the community to meet with youths. The YMP is run by the National Capital District Commission. NCDC Youth Coordinator Rex Buka, said the program is working in hot spot areas in Port Moresby. It is aligning these communities with NCDC’s vision of a clean and safe community. Erima is the target group this year.

Buka said part of the program is to identify the need of individuals and establish a pathway for them to succeed.

“Some need help to go back to school, some need scholarship, some want access to employment. They have different interests and we will work closely with them (and) their needs and help them,” Buka said.

Buka said drug and alcohol abuse is a key challenge they are putting more focus and effort in addressing.

“NNB team will now take the lead in running programs to educate the youth about the impact of these substances,” he said. 

Loop Author