Port Moresby

Pom's Six-Mile market cleared

The old market will now be closed as vendors are expected to move into the new Saraga market.

Loop PNG was at the old Six-Mile market to witness the big raintrees get sawn down and cleared out.

City rangers as well as police are present to make sure there are no disruptions.

More updates to follow.

Desalination machine can save lives

The water desalination machine demonstration was done on Friday by Pacific International (PNG) Ltd.

This machine converts beach well water into fresh drinking water, using the technology of reverse osmosis and solar power.

Manager Lucas Kawage said this will reduce the risk of water borne diseases spreading in our communities, especially in remote areas that are prone to deadly illnesses.

Attempted hold up captured and shared online

If not for the quick reaction of the father, the family including two children aged 6 and 8, could have fallen victim to the group of men that attempted to hold them up.

The whole ordeal had been captured with a dash board camera.

Roxy Steljic and her husband are administration workers at Pacific Adventist University. They were on a tour trip to Sogeri with her father in-law who had just flown in from Australia for the first time, and despite PNG’s bad reputation, were determined to have a good time when they were nearly attacked.

High school students beware: Police

This comes after numerous reports of students getting drunk after their exams and getting caught by law enforcement officers.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu, said police will be patrolling the city outskirts where students tend to frequent to have drink ups.

“We have experienced this before when exams ends and we are expecting it yet again come the turnaround times for the high schools here in NCD,” he said.

Meantime, Tundu urged parents to also take responsibility of their children and check up on them after hours especially after schools on Fridays.

Boroko market now a petty crime pool

Residents along the Boroko Market strip of road and surrounding areas have complained about the increase of petty crime in the area.

Police in response to this calls said they are doing everything they can to curb this activities.

NCD Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu said there is also more assistance needed from NCD Authorities to help law enforcement crunch down on this illegal activities.

Swapping batting gloves for gardening gloves

These two sides of Hanuabada have been united in the face of tragedy.

Rarua Morea Gau was one ordinary Hanuabada man enjoying his favourite NRL game match on a Saturday when the fire tragedy struck.

For Rarua and the other victims, this Saturday has been one of the best since that fateful weekend.

Much of the dirty work has been done by some of PNG's most elite sportspeople who just happen to be neighbours as well.

Sea piracy and murder suspects surrender to police

Police from the Waigani Police Station acting upon information went into Tatana village around 7pm that same evening and arrested two suspects namely, Anapa Resena aged 23 years and Siyen Kevin aged 22 years.

Both suspects voluntary surrendered and were taken to Waigani cells to be locked up and are awaiting further investigation. The other three suspects are known and will be arrested soon.

Both suspects are believed to be among a group of five men who attacked Captain Malakai Sijou on October 7th.

The challenges of a taxi owner

Taxi owner Timothy Kange owns and has been operating his own taxi for the last four years. He says with the introduction of these new groups of taxis and companies, individual taxi owners and operators like himself are losing many good customers.

Kange, who owns a small Toyota Camry, said he had ventured into the business in the hopes of earning a small income to look after his family.

He usually operates through faithful customers who call him when his services are needed; this used to be the case for the past three years until now.

Mt Hagen-Pangia clash witnesses helping

The fight, which started on Sunday, claimed the lives of two people while several injuries were also reported.

The incident was allegedly instigated by a woman vendor at one of the community markets just near the settlement.

However, since yesterday, the situation at the area between the Gerehu Yumi Yet compound has been contained.

This was revealed by the Gerehu police station commander (PSC), Robert Kurei.

The PSC noted that on Monday, both parties from the Hagen and Pangia communities agreed to let police handle the situation.

K30m for Gordon market upgrade

NCDC market planning and contract supervisor, Rex Kuman, says the Gordon market will be boasting a two-storey structure and an extension of the former market area.

The Gordon market was able to cater for at least a hundred vendors at one time. However, after the reconstruction, the facility should be able to hold at least 500 vendors.

When queried on security and how the market was deemed a no-go zone for Port Moresby resident, Kuman revealed that this was one of the major reasons behind its development plan.