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Eda Ranu completes water tanks for cruise liners

Eda Ranu management says they have completed and passed all necessary requirements to supply the cruise liners, which will provide accommodation for APEC delegates.

The water tanks are located at the Tee Wharf and Container Wharf at Downtown, and the third at Motukea.

Senior Eda Ranu management, gathered at the Downtown Container Wharf to announce the completion of the cruise liners water supply system.

Chief Operating Officer, Fifaia Matainaho, says they have completed all necessary requirements and are ready for APEC.

Extra K300,000 for housing project

The National Housing Corporation presented an additional K300,000 from Public Investment Program funds to the company for sewerage and main water supply into the housing compound.

A K6 million funding was provided to get infrastructure development underway for the Durand Farm Housing Project.

The K300,000 was allocated to Eda Ranu after K1 million from the funding was made available.

Housing Minister John Kaupa said this time they want to get it right; the housing project stalled because proper measures, including surveying, were not done correctly.

Eda Ranu apologises for staff

She said the Board have issued a warning that any staff found to be in breached of the Essential Services Act will be severely penalized.

“These unnecessary actions taken by the staff are not called for.

“We have issued the warning to the staff and have assured the city residents that nothing of such will happen again.”

Ms Karo added that the water will be flowing to the residents and visiting delegates from APEC will not be affected.

“This mischievous action will not be taken lightly by the board going forward.”


Eda Ranu jobs secured

This was reiterated by Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment, William Duma following the recent announcement of the merger of business operations of the two SOE’s which will unify under one roof an extensive range of specialists personnel and expertise.

“The government believes that by having one single company managing those services, the service that will be provided will be more efficient,” says Minster Duma.


Eda Ranu staff frustrated

As such, the Eda Ranu staff and workers are collectively calling for an immediate adherence and compliance to their demands and requirements.

The call is for NEC to reverse the merger of Water PNG Ltd and Eda Ranu and for Eda Ranu to operate business as normal.

According to Eda Ranu staff and spokesperson, Kevin Hecko the merger cannot be reversed and if the amalgamation process proceeds, the staff will call for and demand;


Eda Ranu: Situation under control

Without warning a city wide shut down was initiated after the Dams overflowed causing mud and silt to flow into the treatment facility.

Eda Ranu Managing Director, Henry Mokono, said further rains could see water supply affected.

In a media conference today, Eda Ranu Managing Director, Henry Mokono, said the immediate shut down was necessary to address the overflow of mud and silt.

“Two of our dams up at Rouna 4 and Rouna 1 & 3 where we actually get the raw water from, have been affected because of this rubbish and dirt and mud. 


Pom to have 'no water’

This warning comes from main water supplier Eda Ranu.

Eda Ranu has been forced to do so after its Mt Eriama water treatment plant began experiencing high level of turbidity as of 6am today.

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid.  And according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky.

Eda Ranu’s notice to Pom residents

Eda Ranu has advised that all of Town area, Paga Hill, Ela Beach Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Ela Makana, Grand Papua and Touaguba area will be affected from Saturday (Jan 20), 12pm – Sunday (Jan 21), 6am.

“This is necessary for Eda Ranu to carry out new water supply connection line, 450mm and 250mm, onto the reticulation system to APEC Haus and other associated works in preparation for APEC 2018,” says the firm.

“Eda Ranu apologises for any inconveniences caused and requests your cooperation and support.”

No formal complaints were received: Eda Ranu

This was the response from general manager of Eda Ranu Commercial Services, Paul Gore, following last Friday’s incident where villagers set up roadblocks in frustration of their water supply being cut off by Eda Ranu.

Gore said despite operating on a 24/7 basis, no one from the village reported the matter; hence, Eda Ranu has not registered any complaint.

Gore further stated Eda Ranu has been taken by surprise after learning the organisation was mentioned in the public demonstration.

Roadblocks to be removed

This was agreed to by parties present in a mediation dialogue between Eda Ranu and village elders, facilitated by police around lunch time today.

Villagers this morning set up the barricades in retaliation over continuous disruption and the eventual shut down of water (three weeks back) into the village. Elders asked for the water company to allow for talks to see how best to facilitate for issues raised about the water system in the village.