Criminals pose as Eda Ranu staff

A white single cab Nissan Ute with the plate number of BDX 975 has raised the suspicion of Toaguba Hill residents in Port Moresby recently.

Four youths, dressed in Eda Ranu uniforms, allegedly used that vehicle earlier this week to gain access into a private residence and pretended to check water pipes.

Fortunately, they left the place in a hurry as residents grew suspicious of their presence.

Police Operations have been notified to keep a lookout for this vehicle.

A similar incident also took place at Erima two weeks ago when a family lost a lot of their personal items to criminals wearing Eda Ranu uniforms. 

The general public is urged to take precaution when approached by men in Eda Ranu uniforms and to ask for some form of identification before letting them enter the premises.

Residents are to report to police on 324 4331 if you suspect anyone in those uniforms or see them acting suspiciously.

The management of Eda Ranu has been requested to take security measures and to work with the police to prevent this from happening as it will affect the company operations and services to the city residents.

Annette Kora