Stakeholders to meet with PMV operators

The meeting is set for Sunday 1 pm at the Unagi Oval in Port Moresby to discuss how they all will work together to serve the people in the city.

In a meeting hosted by the National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika today with the concerned authorities including the PMV Association president, had agreed that all PMV owners must be present at the meeting.

The meeting will discuss very important issues and for all parties to come up with solutions for a way forward to be happy while doing business in the city.

PMV Operators urged to meet with authorities

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika will be hosting a meeting with PMV operators this Sunday 19 February to emphasise this, among other pressing matters relating to road use. The meeting will be held at the Unagi Oval at Gordon.

Citizens to face PMV fare increase

According to the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission, the 2022 PMV and Taxi fares were determined, in accordance with Section 21 of the Prices Regulations Act (PR Act).

Based on increase in Consumer Price Index for the 12 months period ending September, 2021 and as well as the increase in retail prices for diesel in the country this year (2021); the maximum PMV fares for the approved urban routes in the country for 2022 are as follows:

• Port Moresby:               K1.20 per adult passenger (an increase of 10 toea);

New PMV guidelines affecting children: Teacher

An elementary school teacher in Lae stressed on the need for inclusive planning.

The second in charge at the United Church-run Emmanuel Elementary School would like to have all her students in class by 8am, but she is fully aware of the limitations placed on public transportation.

Assistant head teacher, Beverly Dago, voiced her concern on the strain placed on parents, seeing that as per the national emergency orders, passenger numbers are limited to 5 less than the vehicle's licensed capacity and as a result, bus fares have been increased.

PMV operators frustrated with roadblocks

They have no problem with the roadblock itself, but rather, with the spot fine demands allegedly forced on them by law enforcers.

Gulf PMV operators’ chairman Paul Paiva says police officers have been setting up roadblocks along the highway, and in turn, demand PMV drivers and crews to pay spot fines.

He says some locations of roadblocks include Kerema town, Bereina junction, Malalaua station, Doa Station and Laloki junction of Gulf and Central provinces.

Standard bus fare set by ICCC

In a notice to PMVs, the ICCC has set K1 bus fare for adults, primary and secondary students will pay 50t while tertiary students are 80t.

“This is the approved bus fare for 2019,” said ICCC Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Paulus Ain.

“PMV crews must not charge more than this amount. If you charge the passengers more than this amount, you will be charged.”

PMV users (commuters) are urged to report to the ICCC on 325 2144 or 180 3333 (toll free) and provide the following details:

Parkop: PMV issues to be worked on

The Governor said that he and the NCDC management are adamant to draw up amicable solutions to offer cheap, affordable and uninterrupted public transport system.

“In the last 10 years I have been giving excuses and shifting the responsibility of public transport entirely to the Department of Transport.

“I have to work with the Minister and the Department and if we can get the powers to NCDC, we will do that” Parkop said.

He added they will work with the PMV owners and operators to deliver a better service, a service that is reliable and efficient.

Frustrated man steals PMV

The incident reported on the 14th of this month, took place between 5:30pm and 6pm at the Gordons bus stop.

The complainant by the name of Pora Paraka of 8 Mile, reported that his Public Motor Vehicle, was driven away by a man believed to be from Tari/Wabag.

The bus driver was accused of having bumped into a sedan causing a dent which resulted in the occupants of the sedan attacking him.

One of the male suspects then removed the bus keys from the PMV driver and drove the bus away.

Pom PMV Operators face uncertain future

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop said that the recent turnout of events from private bus owners going on strike has left the city in turmoil causing inconvenience for the city residents to move about daily.

Parkop said the solution now lies with authorities to find a reliable, affordable and efficient public transport system in the city.

He said although the PMV owners and operators have done well for the city, commending them of their effort, they may not be part of the city’s future plans for public transport.

Bus runs over 15yo, chaos ensues

The teen died instantly, says Gordon’s police station commander (PSC) Toby Hamago.

This led to chaos at the area, where relatives of the boy retaliated and attacked more than ten PMV buses from different routes; some causing harm to the passengers.

About five taxi drivers were also attacked.

The PSC stated that around 7am today, the boy was on his way to see his mother, who is a contracted roadside cleaner. After seeing his mother, he crossed the road to go to school when the bus hit him.