Erima under CCTV surveillance

Residents and the traveling public along the Erima drive will have their day to day movements monitored through CCTV Cameras installed by Wintop Tech Limited using its HikVision products.

This project came about after numerous incidents of day light robbery, and other criminal activities as well as domestic violence matters, were reported to the 7mile police.

7mile Police who are stationed at the Jackson’s Airport will be monitoring the CCTV camera.

The project is a public-private partnership initiative between the NCD Metropolitan Police, Wintop Tech Limited, the PNG & Chinese Friendship Association, the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the Chinese Business community.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said the Royal PNG Constabulary is now looking at avenues to increase policing capabilities across the country.

In NCD, they are establishing public-private partnerships, such as the CCTV camera installation along the Erima drive, to minimize criminal activities, and improve police response time to crime.

“There are others (public-private partnerships) coming up. We are also working on establishing partnerships with security firms, to utilize their resources to assist with policing the public,” he said. “With police, we only have enough manpower and resources, and so we are venturing outside the government space, to seek public-private partnerships to help us to be more effective and efficient in responding to the public.”

With the installation of the CCTV cameras along the Erima drive, it is expected to save or capture daily activities 24/7, and police will be in close contact with their units to attend to any criminal activities.

The CCTV camera setup is also expected to minimize criminal activities along the Erima drive, and under the Kumul Flyover.

With the completion of phase one of CCTV cameras by Wintop Tech Limited, there are plans to also install CCTV cameras along the drive back towards Gordons, and onward towards the Erima Wildlife roundabout.

Godwin Eki