Erima Flyover squatters evicted

Police officers from the NCD Command yesterday assisted a company that owns a piece of land near the Erima Flyover and removed people squatting there.

Hugo Sawmill this morning sought police assistance to remove the group of people, mostly believed to be from the Hela Province. According to police people living there have been vending under the Erima Flyover Bridge and also around Gordon and Erima areas.

Records from Seven Mile and Gordons Police Station also confirmed that some of the petty crimes that took place around their area of operation were done by the people living there. 

Police officers who were tasked to carry out the eviction have confirmed that this will now help with the decrease of crime rate along the Flyover and in Gordon. 

Police say genuine people who are also residing around the Gordons and Erima areas are now asked to report to police, settlers living around that area who are involved in criminal activities. 

The outgoing National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Sliva Sika has also confirmed Erima as a crime hotspot in the city, and he is happy that the police are assisting the company in evicting squatters. 

Sika added that since the people did not have permanent residence in the city, they could do whatever they wanted, without respecting the rule of law. 

He also called on the people to report people who are erecting illegal settlements in the city.

Loop Author