Police will not meddle: ACP

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Southern Command, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, has made it clear that police will not meddle in the affairs of Government departments.

Wagambie Jnr, who is also the acting NCD/Central commander, outlined that there have been instances where police have been used to enforce Government departments’ internal administrative directives.

“This mostly stems from when the National Executive Council or Board of Directors make or revoke appointments of heads of departments,” stated ACP Wagambie Jnr.

“This used to happen in the past. This will not happen under my watch.

“We have people who are supposed to be intellectuals. They must comply with instructions given by the legitimate appointing authority and if they feel aggrieved then appeal it through the process.

“We in management are trying our best to change how things have been done, and build a reputable police force by first keeping our integrity intact.

“Many a times the police have copped the blame for what is supposed to be an internal administrative matter for other organisations.”

ACP Wagambie Jnr said he has warned his personnel that they come under a command structure and are accountable to the Commissioner of Police. 

“So in that instance, they will not take directives from heads of departments. Heads of departments must always exercise their powers by enforcing their authority internally, if this is not complied with, then they seek Police assistance. Most importantly, they must exhaust all their administrative options. 

“No police will be attached to any Department Head unless his/her life is in imminent danger and there is evidence to show. Then temporary arrangement can be made while investigation is taking place leading to arrest.

“We need all police to be performing duties for the general public and not wasting time and resources with individuals unless it is very necessary.

“The Metropolitan Superintendent, Zone Commanders and I will ensure this is done,” added the ACP. 

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