NCDC applauded for enforcing restrictions

The National Capital District Commission has been applauded for taking lead in the enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions and awareness operations.

Southern Command’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said he was thankful this was done with the Military Police from the PNG Defence Force.

“We the Police have learnt a lot of lessons from the first experience last year during the State of Emergency, where pandemic restrictions were rushed, leaving police to enforce,” he stated.

“This led to so much confusion and created a rift between Police and the community.

“For the enforcement of pandemic measures, it is a whole-of-Government approach.

“Various Government agencies must step up and enforce where their area of concern comes in.

“For the NCD operations, the Metropolitan Superintendent has deployed a team to work alongside NCDC, the Military and Road Transport Authority.

“Places of public gathering such as Manu Airport Market, Rainbow shop front, Gerehu Market and others around the city have been cleared out and tents placed for security personnel to remain static there.

“The rest of police, apart from the team with NCDC, are on business as usual. Crime does not stop. With the COVID-19 effects on the economy, we have seen a marginal increase in criminal activities.”

ACP Wagambie Jr said police operations are normal with police stations open.

“I commend NCDC for taking the lead, as should be the case in the ongoing pandemic, where all provincial administrators are the provincial controller. For the case of NCD, the city manager is the provincial controller.

“The Metropolitan Superintendent is only supporting the direction which the provincial controller would like to take, and at the same time maintaining normal police operations.”

Press release