Assistant Commissioner of Police

Not all Police Officers are bad: Wagambie

He said in every organization there are certain individuals that spoil the good reputation of an organisation but the rest perform their duty ethically.

Wagambie Jr was speaking at a press conference held recently regarding the death of an 18-year-old boy believed to have died from police brutality.

“There is no such organization that have every member performing perfectly, and that is the same in the police force, because there are many good police officers who worked tirelessly to ensure the community is safe while few behave unethically,” he said.

Police Concerned Over Murders

The most recent incident occurred at the Manu Auto-port informal market on Thursday, June 15, where a Goilala man was brutally killed. The victim was chased by the perpetrators and hacked to death along the road.

In a media statement, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jr., condemned this act of violence. He said one suspect from Hela Province has been arrested and detained in connection with this killing.

Cops told to get back to basics

He said this year in a recent meeting held with commanders from different police stations within NCD and Central Province, when highlighting their goals for the first quarter of 2023.

“As the Divisional Commander, I want to achieve in the first quarter, getting the basics right. We must be accountable for our resources, manpower and actions. This means every police station commander and OICs will be held responsible for what goes wrong under their watch,” Wagambie Jr said.  

More Madang arrests anticipated

Assistant Commissioner of Police for Northern Command, Peter Guinness, said police have arrested nine suspects and interviewed six of them already.

After the remaining three are interviewed, police will move on to the second phase of their investigation, which will lead to more arrests.

“They know who they are,” he said. And when the time comes, we’ll call them to come for an interview and they can then go through the process,” said the ACP.

All Are Equal: ACP

The ACP stressed that regardless of one’s social status, all are equal under the law.

His statement follows the re-arrest of eight Madang officials implicated in the misappropriation of K6 million belonging to the Manam Resettlement Authority.

“There is no class, we cannot differentiate between high status in community and grassroots,” he stated.

NCDC applauded for enforcing restrictions

Southern Command’s Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said he was thankful this was done with the Military Police from the PNG Defence Force.

“We the Police have learnt a lot of lessons from the first experience last year during the State of Emergency, where pandemic restrictions were rushed, leaving police to enforce,” he stated.

“This led to so much confusion and created a rift between Police and the community.

“For the enforcement of pandemic measures, it is a whole-of-Government approach.

Commander stresses on ethical conduct

Starting at Gerehu and then on to the Waigani Police Station, the commander was not only there to inspect the facilities; he was also there to stress on ethical conduct.

“It is important that we improve in our conduct towards the public and that we must always remember our Police Code of Ethics,” Wagambie Jnr told his subordinates.

“The Code of Ethics guides us to do what is both morally and ethically right, as members of the Constabulary. More than half our problems and allegations against police stem from police misbehaviour.

Top cop charged with misappropriation, abuse of office

He was arrested and charged by police investigators yesterday with Director Human Resources, Superintendent Bob Kerry, who was also charged with the same offences.

Both are out on bail.

Police allege that between December 19, 2018, and December 31, 2019, Kerry and Kalaut were signatories to the Police Pension Suspense account held at the Bank South Pacific as per their capacities as Director Human Resources and ACP Human Resources of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary respectively.

Northern Command aims to improve response time

Assistant Commissioner Guinness made this known when he launched the Obura-Wonenara (O-Wan) Tactical Response Unit at Kainantu in Eastern Highlands Province last week.

Guinness said this is a new concept being introduced in the Eastern part of Eastern Highlands. He said another unit will be established later in Goroka to cater for the Western end.

Personnel to be deployed for Madang unrest: Wong

This was confirmed by Police Minister Jelta Wong today.

This will boost manpower on ground to deal with the current tense situtaion that followed a standoff between youth and police on Saturday. 

The personnel are expected to depart at 10pm tonight and reach Madang by first light.

They have briefed them on tactics to use at tree felling locations and rules of engagement.

Wong said from their assessment tomorrow morning, they will decide whether or not to request air support for surveillance and insertion to certain locations in the province.