Lae metropolitan superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr

Prompt response by Lae police applauded

Commander Anthony Wagambie junior says this should be credited to the initiation of the toll free number, which has been very effective since its inception.

The crime rate has effectively decreased in the city and with the number of people responding to the toll free number daily, this was a much-appreciated outcome, he said.  

Wagambie Jnr also credited the quick response to the sector patrol units manning their designated patrol areas.

(Anthony Wagambie junior file pic)

Alcohol abuse still a concern: Wagambie Jnr

However, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr told Loop PNG that their Christmas operations were successful, with no major crimes reported.

“The people of Lae are commended for observing the true meaning of Christmas. Police were out in numbers on 24-hour shifts and quickly attended to reports of drunk or disorderly conduct,” Wagambie Jnr said.

“The Police holding cells were filled to capacity with drunks and disorderly individuals; they were released after they were sober.”

Police chief thanks Lae residents

Wagambie Jnr says there were no reports of incidences and attributed the peaceful season to the behaviour of the residents.

"Police were out in full force, manning the streets on a 24-hour rotation,” said the metropolitan superintendent.

“Beats were done at Eriku, suburban police on patrol and the streets were so quiet.

“I thank the public for observing the season.”

He revealed that a number of drunkards were locked up but later released when they were sober.

"The same thinking must be extended towards the new year.

Lae police launch festive season operations

Under the code name ‘Candlelight’, Lae city police will ensure this festive season is enjoyable and trouble-free.

During an operations briefing yesterday, Metropolitan Commander Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr said they want every residents in Lae to enjoy and celebrate Christmas and New Year in peace and harmony.

"We would like every residents and households to celebrate this festive period with total joy and peace in their heart.

Lae police give suspects until 10am to surrender

The four main suspects are wanted for the torching of the community hall that houses the police post at West Taraka.

Superintendent Operations Fred Kaiwa and his men were at the location yesterday, giving community elders until this morning to bring out the main suspects.

Chief Inspector Kaiwa said the suspects are known to police and their names had been handed over to community leaders to bring them in by this morning.

One dead, three injured in Lae police shootout

A security firm had initially alerted them of an attack on a service station there.

“The criminals were exchanging gun fire and stoning the guards,” Lae metropolitan superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said in a statement.  

“Police on foot went to the location and were confronted by the gang, who engaged them in a shootout.

“Police shot three suspects. Two are in critical condition while one is confirmed dead and in the morgue,” said Wagambie Jnr.

Deaf ears at national govt level: Kouza

She says the current manpower of 370 is not enough to cater for the population of over 300,000; recruitment is being addressed but funding woes are crippling the drive.

She says while it is difficult to be heard by the minister for police to equip Lae metropolitan superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr and his personnel, money from her district was being distributed to the ward councilors to carry out law and order programs.

"I am no way near the minister for police so we are empowering and upskilling people because crime must have a reason or source," Ms Kouza said.

Police shoot suspect in leg after foiled robbery

Two other suspects escaped when Omili Police intercepted and proceeded to the location.

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the suspect had been serving time at Buyevi Correctional Services in the Southern Highlands for rape and attempted murder.

Apart from being wanted for rape and attempted murder, the suspect is also wanted for the murder of a high school student two years ago in Lae.

He will be formally arrested and charged after receiving medical treatment at the Angau Memorial Hospital.

‘The law will catch up with you’

“Those supporting criminal activities through the use of vehicles/boats or other logistics and funding, the law will catch up with you,” he said in a statement.

“Police investigators are working around the clock.”

Wagambie Jnr says they have gained insight on how these gangs have been operating.

“We are getting closer and these people who have been supporting them, if there is enough evidence, will be arrested and charged.”

Meanwhile, police are monitoring activities within Lae City after experiencing a spate of robberies.

Police beef up presence in Lae

Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr says he asked the Divisional Commander for additional manpower from the two provinces.

It is understood the engineering battalion at Igam barracks will provide extra security at the show ground gates.

Wagambie Jnr wants to assure the public that police will cater for both the Morobe show and the city, and ensure there is peace and normalcy during the show period.

“I call on the general public to behave in an orderly manner and also take ownership,” Wagambie Jnr said.