Wanted Criminals Apprehended in Wewak

Madang and Wewak police have successfully apprehended two wanted criminals who escaped from police custody earlier this month.

The first suspect Junior David Polis, a 24-year-old from Madang and New Ireland, was arrested and charged for a series of crimes including armed robbery, burglary, threatening a female with a factory-made firearm, rape, and several cases of stealing and armed hold-ups.

He had escaped from police custody at Jomba Police Cell on three separate occasions. After being shot and hospitalized, he was arrested again and remanded at Beon Correctional Service in Madang, but later escaped. He was recaptured by police in Wewak earlier this month.

The second suspect is Allan Alex Aling Baso, aged 34 from Bilia Island in Madang. He has been involved in serious crimes, including armed robbery, arson, murder, and stealing.

He allegedly participated in a recent armed robbery and stole a 23-footer outboard motorboat and 40 horsepower engine before escaping to Wewak. He was apprehended by police at Basik Bridge when he was returning from Maprik in the East Sepik Province.

Madang police are working closely with East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Superintendent Christopher Tamari to repatriate the two suspects to face their charges in Madang.

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