West Sepik

Empowering Government officers

This aims to support government officers and private sector counterparts to mainstream gender perspectives and youth inclusion in the public sector as well as in the agri-food value chains and businesses,

Under the theme, ‘Institutional Gender and Youth Capacity Development’ for Provincial Government and local NGO partners and community leaders, the workshops brought together 27 females and 48 males from provincial, district and LLG government offices and private sector counterparts as well as civil society organizations.

Vehicles To Address Transport Woes

The two communities in Nuku, Yankol and Palai are the recipients of these vehicles. This was announced during the Asini Bridge commissioning in Nuku (Nigil/Yarasi of Yankok) recently.

The two Local Level Government areas, Yankok and Palai are the recipients of these vehicles. Governor Wouwou told those gathered that vehicles were bought to assist especially mothers to bring their produce to market and other errands for self-sustenance.

18 Years Of Wet Crossing Put To Rest

The commissioning of the Asini Bridge last Saturday, 12th of March is a big relief for the people of Yankok. The approximate construction cost was K3 million with a loading capacity of 44 tonnes, which can cater for huge machines, including excavators and graders among others. 

This means they now do not have to carry the sick on stretches to fight the river tide for medical attention and children do not have to miss classes due to flood. They can also now bring loads of local produce to market among many other spin-off benefits from this bridge. 

Joseph Pintol – Principal, St. Anthony Utai High School

Pintol couldn’t contain his joy when referring to the Mini Hydro power that was donated to his school by the Project Development Benefits in late 2021.

“We got machines to run in there and we’ve got typing to do and stuff like that. We use to use solar energy and a small generator that can only run for a certain amount of time.

“Having a regular power supply like this is something I cannot imagine, being in a remote place like this,” he said.

Everyday People: John Aulae

He used the privilege of having a trust fund to start fish farming to address the high malnutrition problem in his district and the province.

With the experience of working in a fish farm with a Malaysian Company 10 years ago in Port Moresby, he returned to his own village and to establish a similar project for his people.

“In West Sepik Province there is the problem of food nutrition and malnutrition rate is very high. I believe that to achieve Vision 2050 of Poverty Alleviation, Food Security and Food Nutrition, fish farming is the way to go,” he said.

Mirisim Proud of Oksapmin Performance

Oksapmin is located in the Telefomin District of Sundaun Province. This result has amazed Member for Telefomin, Solan Mirisim who has expressed his pride in this ranking.

He said when the change of status from High School to Secondary School was done in 2020 for the first grade 11 there was many confusion and anxiety by parents and community that Oksapmin High School is not ready for secondary school status.

PM’s Visit To West Sepik A Success

Mr Philips, whose command includes East and West Sepik and Western provinces, said the Prime Minister was in Vanimo to open the West Sepik Provincial Administration building and launch several impact projects for the province.

Mr Philips said his recent visit to the province with the Prime Minister and his delegations was to ensure the security of the Prime Minister given concerns of spillover effects of the on-going conflict across the border in Indonesia’s West Papua province.

New Vehicles For West Sepik Administration

West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou, presented the vehicles to respective sectors of the provincial administration, which are; the Executive Services Division to the Provincial Administrator’s Office, Management Information Systems, Commerce and Trade, Provincial Auditor’s Office and the Finance and Administration division.

The majority of these sectors have been without a vehicle for a long time and were appreciative when receiving them.

Greater Sepik Economic Development Forum

The event will be held from October 25th-26th. The students are appealing to elites from Sepik including Sepik Students, Academics, Corporate Bodies, NGO’s and Members of Parliament to come together and present their views and plans for the region at the forum.

UPNG East Sepik Student Union representative, Lawrence Yalongi said East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird and West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou will also address the event.

PNG AIC probe accident near Vanimo

Chief Commissioner of the PNG AIC, Hubert Namani, says the AIC was informed by PNG Air Services Limited (PNG ASL) about the accident on June 2nd, 2020.

Namani says according to initial information the accident involved a foreign aircraft, which to this date not been found.

All PNG registered aircraft’s have been accounted for.

The AIC is gathering information on the progress of Search and Rescue activities before a team of investigators is deployed.