Frieda River Project

PanAust granted renewals for exploration licenses

Mining Minister, Sir Ano Pala says the approval of these exploration licenses is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to move the Frieda River Project forward.

Since 2014, PanAust has committed over $260 million US, which is well over K870 million, on the Frieda River Project through the two feasibility studies completed in 2016 and 2018.

PanAust General Manager Studies, Phil McCormack, says this includes ongoing community support, government relations and stakeholder engagements.

PNG mineral prospects high

The Minerals Resources Authority said positivity remains high following the registration of the Frieda River and Wafi-Golpu SMLs and the entry of Anglo American, as reported in the Mining and Petroleum Review (Vol.4 Issue 3).

The SML applications have been described as a unique situation in PNG mining history as there has been, on average, one project per decade.

The MRA says active licenses have increased for the period January to August 2016, from 125 to 134 (a 7 percent increase), which is consistent with the renewals increasing from 54 to 68.

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Frieda River project to start in 2020

Mineral Resource Authority has announced the commencement of the formal process for the Frieda River Project to become an operational mine of world standard.

Clan undergo NID requirements for ILG