PNG and NZ Strengthen Bilateral Bond

Papua New Guinea and New Zealand reaffirmed their enduring bilateral ties during the 184th New Zealand National Day (Waitangi Day) celebrations held recently.

In a statement released by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justin Tkatchenko emphasized the deep-rooted cultural bonds and traditions shared between the two nations over the past 48 years.

He commended New Zealand's ongoing support across various sectors, including agriculture, rural electrification, trade, development, and educational initiatives such as scholarships and Foreign Service training.

The signing of the Statement of Partnership in 2021 marked a significant milestone, outlining the cooperative principles and priorities underpinning the Medium-Term Development Plan IV.

Highlighting New Zealand's humanitarian assistance during the Mt. Ulawun volcanic eruption in West New Britain, Minister Tkatchenko expressed gratitude and underscored PNG's eagerness to broaden collaboration to encompass sports, tourism, women empowerment programs, and cultural exchanges.

He reiterated the government's focus on critical national priorities, including the National Census, Local Level Government Elections, and addressing Youth Issues through vocational training and entrepreneurship.

New Zealand High Commissioner Peter Zwart echoed the sentiment of mutual respect and partnership, emphasizing two decades of concerted efforts in Bougainville's peace and development.

He praised PNG's commitment and expressed optimism about the long-term diplomatic relations under Minister Tkatchenko's stewardship.

The partnership between PNG and New Zealand spans diverse domains, including gender equality, access to electricity, SOE governance reform, child immunization, climate change mitigation, and higher education.

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