Central Police

Man apprehended for possession of unlicensed gun and ammunition

Central Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Laimo Asi confirmed that the man is now detained in the cell awaiting court.

PPC Asi said the man was intercepted along the Hiritano Highway by the Doa Police personnel whist traveling in a vehicle. 

Police were quick to respond to the information provided by another police unit, stopped the vehicle, searched the suspect and discovered the shotgun and bullets.

When condemning the act, Asi said the use of guns had taken lives of many people and people who want to carry guns must have it licensed.

19-year-old among armed robbery suspects

It was alleged that the robbery occurred between 11pm and 12 midnight along the Magi Highway.

According to the police report, the suspects, armed with firearms, robbed passengers of a vehicle that was travelling to the village.

Police investigated the incident and identified the suspects. Four were arrested and charged for the offence. Others are still on the run.

Central Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Laimo Asi confirmed this, adding that the suspects are from his village.

Teacher arrested for growing marijuana

Police arrested the teacher on Tuesday, November 7th 2023. He is currently in jail awaiting a court hearing.

According to Kwikila police, it was alleged that the teacher in his 30s and a father of four was growing marijuana at the back of his house among tomatoes and cabbages.

Police reported that three marijuana plants were uprooted from his backyard. One was ready for harvesting while two were almost ready.

Roku Villagers Seek Police for Youth Misbehavior

Central Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Laimo Asi was invited to and asked to conduct police patrols in the village and arrest offenders.

PPC Asi responded to the invite and visited the village on Monday where an open dialogue was established, allowing the villagers to voice their concerns.

Police were told that the main crime committed in this community was the vandalism of school properties in the village.

12 arrested for assaulting policeman

According to Police Officers on the ground, the group of men who reside in Kwikila were fighting amongst themselves. When the policemen heard about the incident he walked over to stop the fight. During the cause of stopping the fight, the men retaliated and cut him on his head.

Police report revealed that the same group of men had been consistently disturbing the community when they are drunk.

Central Independence Ops Successful

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary reported that independence police operation in Central Province ended on a high note with no major incidents.

Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi confirmed from situation reports provided to him, that all was quiet during the long weekend.

Operations started on the 14th of September, ensuring that schools and villages conducted their own independence activities without disturbance.

Community policing on law and order

Police officers from Central had been deployed to the mine to assist the Guard Dog Security personnel providing security at the mine site. 

With the geographical setting of the mining villages and communities, police operation in that area was very challenging when deployed. On January 19 five police officers were deployed to the mine site to provide police presence there.

Upon their arrival at the mine site, they met with Guard Dog Security guards who briefed them on the law and order situation in the area. 

Take pride in your uniform: Wagambie

Assistant Commissioner Of Police for NCD and Central Province Anthony Wagambie Jr was guest of honour at the parade. He told the assembled officers that this year (2023) he will be strict with discipline and attendance of police officers in his command.

"This is a new year and this year for the division is for discipline and attendance. For the first three months, we are going to monitor you all and NCD Metsupt and PPC Central had been tasked to do that,” he said. “Basically, you must be committed to what you are doing daily by getting back to the basics.”

Man given 600 hours community service

Kevin Unobo, 49 years of age from Gebea village, Central Province was convicted was recently convicted for misappropriating a property belonging to the Central Provincial Government.

He was the was the liaison officer between the Central Provincial Administration and office of the (former) Governor Alphonse Moroi, in purchasing vehicles worth K900,000 for Central police to use in security operations for the 2012 General Elections.

Family identifies Kinakon body

Last seen on Friday, her body was discovered around midday today (Feb 25) near a drain at Kinakon, outside Port Moresby. 

Her emotional sister, Gloria Touai, said she could not believe that this was her sister lying there.

She said she last spoke with her sister on Friday, when the victim told her she would be visiting her older child.

The late Barbara and her friends had then gone to an outdoor club called the White House, which is located in the same area.