Manus Province

Manus villages establish new trading partners

Ahus islanders in the Lelemadih and Bupichupeu Rural Local Level Government (LLG) and N’drehet villages in Pomutu, Kurti and Andra Rural LLG exchanged gifts like axes, bush knives, food (rice, smoked fish, sago) and canoes.

Ahus Islanders traded axes, bush knives, rice and smoked fish to N’drehet villagers and N’drehet villagers gave sago and 56 canoes to the Ahus Islanders in return.

Harvard Scientist collect Meteor Fragments from Manus Island

Key points:

  • Analysis of the fragments is hoped to reveal whether the meteor was made up of elements different from those found in our solar system
  • Professor Loeb says the fragments may be the first sign of civilisation beyond our solar system
  • The meteor was detected by US ballistic missile systems in 2014

The team set out on a research boat called Silver Star in late June.

Using a magnetic sled, they excavated debris from the ocean floor where the meteor hit.

U.S Coast Guard Henry Oliver In Manus

The U.S. Coast Guard arrived in Lorengau last Sunday, 14th August from Guam. They are in Manus participating with partners to support the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency-led Operation Island Chief and the larger Operation Blue Pacific through patrols in the Western Pacific in August and September 2022.

Benjamin, Pomat Lead Respective Tallies

Progressive results from count 13:


  2. GEORGE SIKIN – PNC – 1717
  3. DAVID AUSSEL – ULP – 1383


Counting in Manus suspended

The concerns at hand that led to the suspension of counting were raised by regional candidates Kepo Pomat (Independent) and David Aussel (ULP) at the Manus Counting Center, before counting was scheduled to start.

Manus Election Manager and Provincial Returning Officer Tony Balema and the Provincial Election Steering Committee (PESC) resolved to have the candidates present evidence to support the allegations.

The candidates said an investigation must be conducted upon receiving the evidence.

Meanwhile counting remains suspended.

Counting For Manus Begins

The counting was deferred earlier due to administrative matters that were being sorted for counting, this included the debriefing of counting officials.

The scrutineers present were in agreement to have these matters resolved and addressed to ensure no further disruptions concerning counting.

The election officials have confirmed that once counting commences, it will continue over the weekend starting from 8:00am and ending at 5:00 pm daily.

Quiet Christmas at Manus

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said his members on festive operations were out in full force to ensure people celebrated peacefully.

He said the additional manpower from the Southern Mobile Group from Port Moresby had beefed up his capacity to contain the situation in the province.

PPC Yapu thanked the general public for their behaviour, and hoped that they will continue in a similar manner during New Year celebrations.

Series Of Armed Holdups Reported

Provincial Police Commander, chief inspector David Yapu, said the first incident occurred at the Lorengau Provincial Hospital.

He said six suspects, armed with a factory made .22 rifle, homemade guns, a bush knife and axe, held up a driver of the hospital.

They stole the hospital vehicle from him and drove off to ward 3, Lorengau town.

The suspects abandoned the hospital vehicle at ward 3 and held up another victim and stole a hire vehicle, a 10-seater, from him.

“The suspects fired a shot in the air and drove off with the vehicle,” said the PPC.

20yo rape suspect detained

Police in Manus have reported that the suspect, involved in the October 15th incident, is now in custody at the Lorengau Police Station.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the 12-year-old student was returning home after school when the 20-year-old man forced her into a nearby bush and sexually penetrated her.

Suspect in hiding after abusing 12yo

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the suspect is in hiding after sexually abusing a 12-year-old student.

The girl was returning home from school on October 15th when he confronted her and forced her into the bush.

“He stripped her and sexually penetrated her,” said the PPC.

“She was taken to the Lorengau General Hospital for medical examination and a complaint has been filed with police.”

PPC Yapu said the suspect will be arrested soon, and he is appealing to the community of Lundret to help them.