Manus Province

15 arrested over land dispute clash

PPC Manus, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the fight on August 8th saw bush material houses burnt down as well as food crops.

The fight also disrupted classes at the Mbunai Primary School. Fortunately, no one was injured.

A team of Mobile Squad 10 members were sent to the area where they arrested 15 people, including the two leaders of the fighting groups.

PNG’s foreign policy weaknesses highlighted

“The agreement to have a joint naval base on PNG territory faces a ‘democratic deficit’ because the Papua New Guinean input was never sought. The Manus naval base agreement is an example of a foreign policy strategy that does not reflect Papua New Guinean designs,” UPNG academic, Patrick Kaiku, said.

Child in critical condition following strong winds

Five others also suffered injuries as a result of houses collapsing from the impact of the wind.

Close to 40 permanent houses were damaged; some had their roofs blown off by winds described by locals as cyclone.

12 extended kitchen houses were blown down including four outhouses (toilets).

A care centre has been set up at the Community Hall for those families affected.

The needy should be our concern


This notion has prompted a group of Catholic mothers from Manus Province to travel more than 300 miles to visit the relocated Manam islanders in Madang Province.

A group of 17 women, including their spiritual group known as the warrior mothers, left Manus last Wednesday, September 27.

These mothers are from the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Lombrum, Manus Province.

The group arrived in Madang and took the trip to Bogia District to visit one of the Manam care centres.

A cry louder than the ‘garamut’

It was the cry of the Pam Islanders, to maintain their sea wall back home in Manus.

Representing the island village at the Manus Provincial Day was the Pam Social and Welfare Association.

This association was formed years ago to see to the welfare and assist the people of Pam.

Today, a more imminent threat is the rising sea level.

The association began a chain of fundraising this year for the rehabilitation of the seawall, now submerged by the sea.

Manus revenue expected to drop

Minister for Planning Richard Maru clarified this in Parliament on Wednesday.

He was responding to Governor Charlie Benjamin’s questions on how the Government will help the people of Manus, who have benefitted from the asylum centre in terms of employment.

Maru said the Government has committed to help by creating job opportunities.

He also admitted that SMEs in the province will be greatly affected after the closure.

He added that the Manus Provincial Government should take the lead in helping its people rather than depending only on the Government.

Baki to discuss future of asylum seekers

Baki said if the Regional Processing Centre is not shut down soon, as ordered by the Supreme Court, there may be serious law and order implications for Manus.

His comment follows the death of 28-year-old Iranian, Hamed Shamshiripou, who was found hanging from the branch of a tree at East Lorengau.

Currently the body is at the morgue at International Medical Health Service Centre (IMHS) at the Manus Regional Processing Centre. A full autopsy is expected to be carried out soon.

The island way of addressing climate change

The Mbuke islanders have silently suffered the long term effects of climate change, caused by global warming, for over five decades now.

With a population of 420, the people have seen and experienced the effects of climate change since the 70s, affecting their way of life including food security and water supply.

Former WWF marine officer and local environmentalist Selarn Kaluwin highlighted that over the years, the villagers have tried to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

COUNTING: Manus progressive results – after exclusions

COUNTING: Manus’ progressive results – after count 21

Manus Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu said the last of the 21 ballot boxes was completed early this morning.

They will now proceed to do quality checks today before elimination begins.

At the end of all primary votes, the two PNC candidates have maintained their lead in both the Regional and Open seats.  

Independent candidate Sam Tasion moved back to fifth spot in the Regional seat after count 21.

In the open seat, sitting MP Ronny Knight dropped to sixth spot with 1,498 at the end of primary vote count.