Manus Province

Polling venues for Manus Province

Manus is the only province with one district - Lorengau. It however has two seats; the open and regional seats.

Polling in the province will commence on Saturday 24 June and will be carried out for 21 days till 3 July.

Manus has 160 polling venues covering its 12 Local Level Governments and 131 wards.  


Manus MP furious over alleged assault of 10yo

He wants the accused perpetrator be made an example of.

The irate member is now demanding the removal of all those processed at the Manus centre before his people “rise up against them”.

“These are only the cases that are made public. There are many unreported.”

He says the refugee should be castrated.

“If it was my daughter, mi no nap ke lo kalabus!” (I will not care about going to jail.)

NID opens office in Manus

The governor thanked the Minister for National Planning Charles Abel for extending the service to the people of Manus as it is important for this small maritime province to have the necessary information for planning and budget allocation purposes.

Registrar General Dixion Kirag confirmed the Manus system was now operational and the connectivity to the main data centre in Port Moresby is now possible from Lorengau office.

The general public can now excess the service in Lorengau to get personal ID, marriage certificate and other legal documents

Proposed refugees' brothel concerns Manus PPC

Senior Inspector David Yapu said it will be illegal and also against Papua New Guinea’s Christian principles. The brothel will create more social problems and unwanted pregnancy, including the spread of HIV/AIDS, now prevalent on the Island.

“The brothel will become an issue affecting our traditional family morals and values with young girl and mothers servicing those asylum seekers for the sake of easy money,” says PPC Yapu.

Islanders arrested for murder

Herman Keyau, 20, and 28-year-old Alphonse Nakau, of Andra Island in the PNKA LLG, Lorengau, Manus, were arrested and charged with the murder of Hillary Joe Simbai on Jan 22.

Both men are expected to go before the Lorengau District Court on Tuesday this week.

Police allege the killing incident took place on Andra Island after a homebrew drinking spree ended up in a fight.

It is alleged they hit the deceased on the head with a piece of wood. He was admitted to the Lorengau General Hospital but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

Couple arrested over porn production

They are expected to appear at the Lorengau District Court on Tuesday to answer to their charges.

The 36-year-old woman from Pere village was arrested by police on Jan 26 while the man, also 36, from Jekal village, was arrested on Jan 27.

Both were charged for producing pornographic pictures and movies at the harbour side hotel.

They were later released on K500 bail each.

Police alleged that the couple, between the months of September and October 2016, booked a room at the hotel where they were involved in the production of pornography.

Magistrate in Manus arrested

Francis Kalai, was arrested by police in Manus last week after he returned to the province from receiving medical attention in Port Moresby.

Manus Provincial Police Commander David Yapu told Loop PNG today Magistrate Kalai was allegedly involved in a motor vehicle accident in August last year in a drink drive incident.

He said the wife of the magistrate escaped injuries however he received injuries to his jaw and head which needed medical attention and was referred to the Port Moresby General Hospital.

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Manus Island looks at food security to battle climate change

Mbuke is one of many islands in PNG affected by climate change and sea level rise.

Officers from Government agencies, including NARI, Department of Agriculture and Livestock and Department of Environment and Conservation, visited the island recently to speak to the locals.

They did a survey and interviews with focus groups, community leaders and women on food security and income generating activities.

The people were very happy to hear about options on income generation, women empowerment and capacity building and training.

King tide hits Manus island

Local NGO Marine Environment Awareness and Response Team, headed by former WWF Marine Officer Selarn Kaluwin, confirmed that the tide increased by 0.1 metre compared to past events.

Kaluwin said the tide has gone down however, they are monitoring the situation after sea level reached about 5 to 20 metres onshore.

However, he said the impact didn’t affect gardens and homes however, villagers are on the lookout.

“We are looking at local approaches or knowledge in terms of adaptation measures.