North Fly District

North Fly celebrations quiet

Kiunga town celebrated PNG’s 48th Independence over the weekend with no disturbances and no incidents at the Kiunga main oval.

It was an unforgettable turn-out as communities, businesses, and visitors were brought together in the heart of Kiunga.

The day commenced with the solemn flag-raising ceremony however it was the evening that truly lit up Kiunga as thousands of residents and visitors flocked to the Kiunga main oval to partake in the festivities.

North Fly youth leaders unite for progress

Under the auspices of the National Youth Development Authority, and with the generous support of Australia, a transformative leadership workshop recently unfolded.

This workshop brought together 19 delegates representing the North Fly District Youth Development Council (NFDYDC).

Their mission: to equip themselves with indispensable skills in good governance, community engagement, and project management.

MP stresses on agriculture

He says agriculture is the way forward for people in Western Province as it will create more employment opportunities for locals and generate income for individuals and families.

“Don’t think that the Ok Tedi mine will stay forever. In the event it closes, agriculture will sustain you,” he stated.

Disco night cancelled by elders

Councilor Jacob Wobia sounded the warning after youths were trying to host a disco night at Mission Kona on Friday, 3rd of January.

The planned disco night was cancelled by elders of the community, including the village councilor.

Jacob Wobia says hosting such an event does not bring any form of benefit to the community.

He says it leads to ethnic clashes, alcohol and drug abuse or unwanted pregnancy.

(Article by Jim John - third year UPNG Journalism student; Aerial view of Kiunga in North Fly District)

Road works begin across border

The launching was held at Alicpit Birimkamba waterfront in Ningerum local level government area.

North Fly MP James Donald, while addressing his people, said this road project would encourage economic activity and trade across the border regions as well as Western Province as a whole.

“We cannot continue to conduct business with Port Moresby because it’s too far and expensive. Let’s make our life easier by simply putting a road across,” Donald stated.

International Youth Day games

The indoor stadium came alive on Sunday with over 150 youths from churches within Tabubil competing in volleyball games organised by the Western Flalok Netball Club and supported by Tawap Kamen Investment (TKI) Limited.

TKI, a partly owned company by shareholders from the local area, has been a very good supporter of the Flalok Netball Club’s community organised events.   

The volleyball games were arranged purposely for the youths to participate to celebrate the United Nations International Youth Day, which falls on August 12.

North Fly partners with Indonesia

This eventuated during a recent trip from January 19 – 26, led by North Fly MP James Donald.

Donald’s team comprised of LLG president Kawuk Konmop, some councilors and border village landowners and leaders.

The delegation entered through Yetetkun village (Indonesia) after a day’s travel (by foot) from the PNG side.

They met with the local MP (Bupati), Boven Degoel, on January 24th to discuss two main agendas.

North Fly to pass K2m budget

In that meeting, the North Fly DDA board members, including local MP and chairman, James Donald, are expected to deliberate on the break-up of the projected K2 million budget.

Total liquor ban in North Fly

This is among a number of resolutions passed by the North Fly District Development Authority board in their recent inaugural meeting in Kiunga.

The complete ban on liquor or alcohol throughout the district is among other big decisions, including tying up of all oil and gas projects from the district into a standalone Western LNG with facilities built in Daru.

​School turns into stomping ground

On Tuesday (September 12), students from preparatory to Grade Eight dressed in traditional attire from the four PNG regions of; Highlands, New Guinea Islands, Southern and Momase.

The celebrations began with a prayer followed by the national anthem, flag raising and citing of the national pledge.

School principal James Masa, when welcoming parents and guardians who came to witness the day, thanked them for their time and effort in making sure their children participated in the traditional dances.