Theo Pelgen

Nawaeb procures own medicines

Local MP, Theo Pelgen, allocated funding to source medicine from India to help supply the rural health centres and health posts amidst the nationwide drug shortage.

The medical drugs include paracetamol, amoxicillin and chloroquine.

The initiative commenced in August through the Nawaeb District Development Authority.

Trainees assist Nawaeb health

Local MP Theo Pelgen, in a media statement, said the MOU, which will be drafted later, would capture the arrangement for more medical students to actively serve in health facilities in Nawaeb.

MP Pelgen was at Situm Health Centre recently, attending to the completion of training for several medical students.

The trainees were on medical practicum for the last four weeks at Situm Health Centre and contributed immensely to the functions of the facility, including providing manpower and resources to service and assist the sick.

Speedway road to be upgraded

He visited the road on Wednesday, November 8th, with the Nawaeb District Technical Team, Ahi LLG President, Malcom Kalo and community representatives, Rosemary Wawou and landowner Ngalau Agi.

He assured the Ward 14 Community at Ahi Urban that the road upgrade will begin immediately; from Sigarap Market to Kunai Junction (1,450m).

An estimated 5,000-plus people from all over Papua New Guinea reside in the area, according to the local law and order committee.

Pelgen said funding allocation will be done to allow work to begin immediately.

Vehicle for community work

The vehicle was released to carry on the work of the people in areas that are often neglected and not taken seriously as important.

Nawaeb MP Theo Pelgen said the vehicle is multi-purpose since it can cater for school children as well.

“Nawaeb rural students attending the high and secondary school will be transported when on holidays from a designated point of pick up,” he said.

“This is intended to relieve the parents of burden to transport them to and from school holiday period, “he said

Funds distributed to Nawaeb wards

Nawaeb MP, Theo Pelgen, said a total of K130,000 was distributed to all 47 wards in Wain-Erap, Nabak, Labuta and Ahi Urban.

“These funds were distributed to all celebrations happening from Friday and Saturday and are under discretionary as social support for the district activities,” he explained.

“We encourage the community as a whole to discuss on the usage of funds, for assistance to the school, church or any other required infrastructure within their ward.”

Nawaeb aims to set standard

Pelgen urged his electorate, in Morobe Province, to reflect on the past, make decisions today and work towards the future.

“The state of the country now depends on proactive leadership,” the first-term MP and prominent Lae businessman said.

“For too long we have talked much and taken for granted how development should take place.

“As we approach 50 years, PNG will be more matured to make more independent plans, actions and implementations.

Pelgen welcomes road commitment

Works Minister, Solan Mirisim, and Prime Minister James Marape made the commitment during the launching of the Nawaeb District 5-Year Development Plan at Boana Station on Tuesday, September 12th.

“I am thankful that Minister Mirisim has committed the National Government to seal this entire road in 2024 onwards,” said the first term MP, Pelgen. 

He outlined that this vital road serves the district administrative headquarters and the people of Wain-Erap LLG, and will definitely set a priority for the people of Nawaeb.

Laulu Primary school gets support

The funding support of K5,000 was presented to school board members and will go towards the completion of a new classroom for the school.

Nawaeb MP Theo Pelgen and NDDA members were present at the school to officiate at the opening of a new teacher’s house funded through DSIP allocations.

“Laulu Lutheran Primary School is to be considered for Junior High School status and therefore its existing infrastructure must be looked at and funded to cater for the transition if it happens,” he said.

Nawaeb District for impact projects

Nawaeb MP, Theo Pelgen made this assurance after meeting with Prime Minister James Marape, Fisheries and Marine Minister Jelta Wong and Forests Minister Sailo Waipo, after the Parliament meeting on Thursday 10th August.

MP Pelgen said the top of the agenda would be the groundbreaking of the multi-million kina Redevelopment of the Nawaeb District Headquarters at Boana Station.

He said Nawaeb is thankful to have been given a K5 million funding commitment and approval from Morobe Governor Luther Wenge.