University of Papua New Guinea

Trainees assist Nawaeb health

Local MP Theo Pelgen, in a media statement, said the MOU, which will be drafted later, would capture the arrangement for more medical students to actively serve in health facilities in Nawaeb.

MP Pelgen was at Situm Health Centre recently, attending to the completion of training for several medical students.

The trainees were on medical practicum for the last four weeks at Situm Health Centre and contributed immensely to the functions of the facility, including providing manpower and resources to service and assist the sick.

School of Medicine Launches Project

The new high-quality living facilities will house up to 40 students and are expected to increase access and retention of women medical students from across PNG.

The dormitory is part of a master plan in support of the School’s goal to become a standalone university for medicine.

At the launch, Australian High Commissioner, Jon Philp, said: “Increasing the number of women doctors and health professionals will strengthen the overall health workforce and system in PNG, and this is a priority for Australia in our partnership with PNG”.

UPNG Hosts Goods And Service Fair

Information booths belonging to school organizations and others were set up at the Forum Square to display merchandises and register new interested members. Present at the fair were the Clean Generation Campaign, Equal Playing field, Port Moresby Nature Park, Kotex and the Law School Society.

The main purpose of the fair was to get students involved in the work they do and to have exposure and visibility so that students can join and participate with the activities that the organizations wish to implement.

Greater Sepik Economic Development Forum

The event will be held from October 25th-26th. The students are appealing to elites from Sepik including Sepik Students, Academics, Corporate Bodies, NGO’s and Members of Parliament to come together and present their views and plans for the region at the forum.

UPNG East Sepik Student Union representative, Lawrence Yalongi said East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird and West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou will also address the event.

Students Display Science Work

The science fair, hosted at the university, was a display of work by the six SNPS strands. The Physics strand was won the trophy for best display.

Head of Physics Moyap Kilepak congratulated his students. “I am proud and want to congratulate the physics students. This shows that what we have been teaching, has have put into,” Kilepak said.

Dean of SNPS Professor Simon Saulei explained what the different divisions have on display.

Nature & Physical Science infrastructure upgrade

Proper research and studies need to be done on the natural environment for informed decisions to be made but the source of learning at the premier university is in dire need for infrastructure upgrade.

Professor Simon Saulep from the UPNG School of Natural and Physical Sciences said it is crucial for people to change their mindset and attitude towards our environment, especially now at the rate in which the government is going in extracting our resources within a limited time span.

UPNG plans COVID-19 discussion

The date of the panel discussion is yet to be confirmed as the SRC is currently reviewing panellists for the event.

UPNG SRC President, Bradley Yombon Copio, said medical professionals should have educated citizens prior to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Since many people have doubt about the vaccines and even COVID-19 itself, the government needs to conduct a panel discussion by inviting all our medical professionals in the country and let them discuss the positive and negative impacts of this vaccine,” he stated.

Over 1,000 graduate

In spite of the political infighting that has plagued the institution since February this year, graduants proudly walked up to receive their hard-earned certificates.

1,221 students graduated from the five schools within the University of Papua New Guinea during today’s 64th graduation ceremony. 

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the School of Natural and Physical Sciences and the School of Law were in the first session while the second session consisted of the School of Business and Public Policy and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Why a university exists

This was the point made by the new acting vice chancellor of the University of Papua New Guinea.

Professor Kenneth Sumbuk, in accepting his appointment as the acting vice chancellor of UPNG, issued the reminder that a university exists to provide quality graduates, stressing on the adjective ‘quality’.

“And that is something that many people within the sector and also stakeholders, government, parents, graduands, employers have been concerned about how the university has been travelling,” stated Sumbuk.

UPNG backs major electoral review

The university will be running a series of seminars on certain terms of reference or topics of the review. This followed a signing of an MOU between Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, and UPNG Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Vincent Malaibe on Wednesday, September 5th.

“The agreement is that we want to give some funding to these universities and they run the seminars at their own time but we expect them to give us the feedback by next month,” Dr Kwa said, adding that the ongoing nationwide consultation alone was not enough.