Kimbe town

Serious water issue in Kimbe

The town is on the verge of having no water.

According to Water PNG in Kimbe, the cause of water shortage is due to only three out of a total of seven well bores that are currently operational as the other four were condemned due to contamination and iron bacteria.

The town can hardly survive on three well bores and the problem is worsening by the day with supply capacity drastically dropping by 20 percent per day.

Five nabbed after attempting hold up in Kimbe

Early at around 7am six men entered the shop armed with a firearm in an attempt to rob the store.

While in the process of emptying goods and cash in the shop the truck full of Shield Guards arrived at the scene just in time to drop off their guards for the morning shift when they  saw the robbers.

"Five men were inside the shop while the armed man stood at the entrance with a homemade fire arm," a security guards said.

Kimbe Town celebrate with march past

A large convoy of vehicles backed the students with locals dressed in traditional attires as they sing traditional hymns and chants and marched to the Kimbe Independence Park.

Private vehicles and PMV’s around town also decorated their vehicles with the Provincial and National flags while the public are all dressed in red, black and gold to mark the countries 41st anniversary.

All residents including nearby villages from the two main highways Talasea and Hoskins also came into town for the opening ceremony.






Potholes causing havoc in Kimbe

Junctions at the Kimbe market and Spirit of West, AOG and Air Niugini offices and Kisere are some of the worst road sections.

Meanwhile, the Buluma village and Mae Junction roads have been upgraded by the NBPOL roadworks department.

Vehicle owners in Kimbe have complained about spare parts expenses in the recent months due to this condition.

Andersons to open in Kimbe

The Supermarket is currently in the final stages of its development and renovation. Within the supermarket there will be separate departments  for Pharmacy, a liquor shop, butchery, bakery and an electrical appliance and  phone shop.

A production warehouse  will store and sort all  freezer goods. A  bakery will supply hot bread, buns, and other products to the main supermarket in town.

The supermarket will employ up to 50 people while the same will be with the production warehouse.