Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT)

MoU enables DICT to ride on DataCo infrastructure

Both Minister for ICT, Timothy Masiu and Minister for State Enterprise, William Duma will collaborate through this MoU to ensure both entities operate with respective mandate, and achieve a digital government for the country.

Emphasizing the historic nature of the event, Minister Masiu described the MoU as the commencement of an exciting journey towards a brighter digital landscape.

“The MoU reflects a shared vision between DICT and PNG DataCo, recognizing their important roles in steering PNG towards a more advanced digital future,” Masiu stated.

Understanding data in PNG

These issues include cyber-security, data quality and how organizations can be stringent with personal data.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology was put to the test to come up with a policy that will make sure the country’s data is secure, private and under the jurisdiction of the country.

Former DICT Executive Manager for Digital Government and Shared Services Robertson Asari  was invited yesterday by the Media Development Initiative to speak to media houses for a better understanding of this topic.

Independence brings renewed dedication

This is for the country’s advancement, whilst embracing inclusivity, transparency and diversity in the workplace to drive the digital transformation agenda.

The Independence event was organized by the Department's internal Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) division and included devotionals and inspiring speeches by executives and senior consultants.

DICT Deputy Secretary, Russell Woruba, highlighted the need for dedication and a reaffirming of public service as he recalled his visit to the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare just a year of his passing.

DICT holds copyright to filming Singirok's book

A cheque of payment was made to purchase the copyright and acquire rights to the filming of the book.

A purchase agreement plus option agreement was made between the DICT and the retired General Singirok to develop film and other digital content products from the book.

During the cheque presentation, Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Timothy Masiu said this was done to promote education, unification, and democracy; maintain cultural heritage, combat misinformation, and guarantee that information is shared in the interest of the public.

Importance of data

DICT Deputy Secretary Policy and Emerging Technology, Flierl Shongol, emphasized the increasing significance of data in the modern world. Shongol pondered on the question "Why is data important?”

"Data has evolved into an asset, becoming the fuel that drives digital government and development. We must recognize that effective data coordination is essential for our modern society", said Shongol signaling a comprehensive approach.

Media Development Policy final draft completed

After deliberation and endorsement, it will be brought before Parliament.

The policy carries the slogan “A New Era of Media Excellence” recognizing and elevating the media to its traditional role as the fourth estate within Papua New Guinea’s Westminster Democratic Sovereign State.

Timothy Masiu, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, said the national government recognizes the importance of the role of the media within the context of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression and freedom of information.

ENB aims to align with digital transformation

The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness about DICT’s policies, plans and objectives with 32 representatives from both government and private sectors who showcased the commitment in driving positive changes and embrace opportunities from digital technologies.

Deputy Provincial Administrator for Cooperate Services, Marakan Uvano, passionately spoke about the significance of the policies set forth to drive implementation in ENB Province.

DICT commences media survey

DICT created a National Media Development Policy Review where Papua New Guineans can scan a QR Code on the DICT website or click on the survey link to access the survey and have their say.

Minister for ICT, Timothy Masiu, shared through a media message that the survey is in recognition of the crucial role of media and the fundamental principles of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information, the National Government acknowledges that these rights, while qualified, serve the greater public good.

ICT Cluster Development In PNG

The workshop spoke on opening innovation, co-operation in the ecosystem, sharing Knowledge, interacting, connecting, mentioning Business cluster models, governance mechanisms, Digital Hub and Public Private Partnership.

Cluster Information and Communication Technologies (ICT Cluster) is a word class initiative by entrepreneurially driven hybrid organizations engaged in collaborative actions by companies, research and education institutions, government agencies and others.

DICT talk on data governance

The workshop was to establish the understanding of Data Governance between the different key stakeholders and the value of data driven in digital service.

The objective of the workshop today was to initiate discussions on data governance and how the government can coordinate this valuable government asset in driving the digital economy agenda in the country and to support its Vision 2050 aspirations.