School Water Supply rehabilitated

The rehabilitation included the setting up of three additional hand washing stations to promote personal health and hygiene among staff, students and visitors, helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as other communicable diseases.

Western Province was amongst the first in Papua New Guinea to report a COVID-19 case and now has the third highest number of cases in the country.

IOM, UNFPA and UNICEF have been aiding North Fly District in Western Province with support from the UN Secretary General’s Multi-Partner Trust Fund to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PNG Air recommence Western and Sepik flights

Those intending to travel, holding onto a valid ticket and have queries are encouraged to visit a PNG Air sales office or an agent to be served.

Acting Chief Commercial Officer, Nancy Nakikus said "PNG Air is looking forward to operate flights and continue to connect people".

"We are looking forward to getting normalcy back into PNG and giving our people a quality service they deserve,"

Locals report fuel shortage in Kiunga

Locals in Kiunga have confirmed that two fuel stations at Pajawi and Kiunga have run out since the beginning of this month.

Aron Bale, who is a resident of Western Province, attributed the situation to the continuous dry spell that has caused the Fly River stage to decrease, preventing cargo ships from anchoring at the port.

“No more PMV services are provided because there’s no fuel and it’s really hot in Kiunga Town area and surrounding villages,” he said.

The prices of store goods and bus fares have also tripled, forcing locals to spend more.

Trial date moved for Kiunga landowner

David Kaya and his lawyer appeared before the Waigani National Court, where his bail conditions were varied, allowing him to fly to Kiunga where his trial will be held.

Kaya and his co-accused, who is also his lawyer, Philip Kamen, will stand trial next Monday before acting Judge Danajo Koeget.

Despite the matter being prosecuted in Port Moresby during the Committal Court stage, it will be transferred to the Western Province for trial because most of the witnesses are based there.

Govt will fulfil its commitment, Awesa assures province

When announcing the launch of two bridges in Kiunga on Thursday, Awesa said the O'Neill-Dion government will deliver the most-needed infrastructure to the people of Western.

These projects should have been undertaken by previous governments, said the Minister.

Awesa said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be personally visiting the province sometime next week and will announce some of the major impact infrastructure projects in the province.

The Kiunga to Tabubil Road is about 132km.

Infrastructure network essential for citizens, states Ganasi

Although the province hosts the Ok Tedi mine, road network and infrastructure were in a terrible condition.

Speaking at the announcement of three impact projects which will be launched soon in Kiunga, South Fly MP Aide Ganasi said a province-wide infrastructure network is essential so that people can work their land and move their produce to the markets.

The three impact projects include the Ningerum-Ok Tedi River Bridge construction, Drimgas Fly River Bridge construction and the redevelopment of the Kiunga District Hospital.

Police confirms 12 deaths after plane crash in Kiunga

The three were pronounced dead on arrival at the Kiunga hospital.

Western Provincial Police Commander Joseph Puri said a pilot, a helicopter from a drilling company based in Kiunga, spotted the crash and quickly transported three survivors to the Kiunga hospital but all three were declared dead on arrival.

PPC Puri said the aircraft was approaching the airport at around 2.20pm when the accident happened.

“The fixed-wing plane crashed into the shallow swamp at about 2.20pm, a kilometre from Kiunga airport,” Puri said.

Policeman in custody over shooting

Details are sketchy at this moment about th the shooting, but the township of Kuinga is still on lock down following rioting in the area yesterday.

Western provincial police commander Tep Puri told Loop PNG, police are maintaining a presence in the town area with their defence counterparts.

The situation is now quiet.

Puri says police will also be holding talks with relatives of the deceased but could  not confirm the locality of the deceased.


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Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

The mining township of Kiunga in the Western Province was brought to a standstill after rioting and looting broke out today.

Portion 152 LNG plant landowners threaten to shutdown project

Kiunga under siege after man shot dead

Unconfirmed reports from Kiunga say a disciplined officer  shot and killed a man, which sparked the public to run amok causing law and disorder in the township.

Reports received by Loop PNG say the Army has moved into key points in the town and blocked off roads leading into the town centre.

The Army has issued a lockdown of people in the town area with movement of people in and out of town restricted  until the all clear is given by the Army.