Central Independence Ops Successful

Police in Central Police ended a successful Police independence operation on Monday 18th September, 2023.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary reported that independence police operation in Central Province ended on a high note with no major incidents.

Central Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Laimo Asi confirmed from situation reports provided to him, that all was quiet during the long weekend.

Operations started on the 14th of September, ensuring that schools and villages conducted their own independence activities without disturbance.

PPC Asi added that there was no liquor ban in Central Province. Alcohol consumers had the privilege to drink, but responsibly with police looking out for anyone driving under the influence or being disorderly. Police conducted awareness with liquor shops in the province, advising them to operate within specific times of the day. 

“Few homebrew consumers drank their homebrew and misbehaved but were arrested by the police officers who were on duty at that time. One of the major incident was reported at Malalaua on 15th September. Ten armed (men) who were about to engage in a robbery were confronted by two police officers who exchanged several gunshots. In the process, three were apprehended by the police while four got on the dinghy and escaped,” PPC Asi said.

Police reported that some of the armed criminals were caught by police at Kido Island when their boat developed a mechanical defect on the morning of Sunday 17th September. 

Police say hold ups and armed attacks have been happening between Dasiama and Veimauri along the Hiritano Highway.

PPC said community leaders of settlers living along the highway, must educate their youths and encourage them to do something worthwhile, and not prey on the traveling public.

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