Road Maintenance

Isoaimo Queries Roadworks Delay

He raised queries this week during the Central House of Assembly meeting where the provincial budget was passed.

“In the 2020 budget, we budgeted from the Central provincial appropriation, out of your PSIP the two roads in my electorate need work, the Hiritano highway, which is the ring road that runs off from Agevairu all the way to Aropokina and onto the Bereina Junction to Veifa’a road which is a 12 kilometer road.”

Isoaimo stressed that this delay is not a good look for the provincial administration.

Ramu Highway upgrading soon: Works promise

Newly appointed Madang Provincial Works Manager John Sitapai gave the assurance following the instruction of the Works Secretary to get the highway fixed soon.

Mr. Sitapai gave this assurance following the comment from Usino-Bundi MP Anton Yagama in a daily newspaper urging the Works Dept and the National Government to immediately fix the deteriorating highway.

MP Yagama expressed concern that the travelling public including business houses in Madang had been seriously affected due to the poor road condition.