Karkar Island

Karkar school to host independence mini fundraiser

Adelino Kaboanga, the school’s principal, has taken the opportunity to monetize independence celebrations due to the fact that there are many projects within the school which need upgrading and maintenance.

Since the Education Department has stopped parents from paying fees due to TFF funding, it has been quite difficult to get projects off the ground. Adding that TFF alone is insufficient to use for new projects and maintain infrastructure.

Price subsidy for Karkar copra

Sumkar DDA Chief Executive Officer, Charles Katu presented one cheque each to Biabi Estate and Linguan Company in Madang. Currently Linguan Company is buying copra at K1 per kilogram while others are buying at 80 toea per kilogram on Karkar Island.

Another K150,000 will be presented to Kulili Estate on Karkar Island later.

Mr Katu said the price subsidy was allocated by DDA Chairman and local MP Alexander Suguman to help with price support. Farmers would fetch K2 per kilogram on sales during the festive season.

Officials: Nothing unusual with Karkar

RVO’s principal geodetic surveyor, Steve Saunders said the current activity is just increased steaming because of the weather conditions.

He says the Karkar volcano is classed as active, following its last eruption in 1979.

But since then it has been dormant, with increased thermal activity in 2007-8, which subsided.

He confirmed RVO received reports of activity early this week, but based on satellite observations and pilot reports since January 30th, there’s nothing unusual.

Karkar islanders uneasy

Locals says there’s been activity since last Saturday, January 27th.

Delilah Baganang, a local nurse at the Kuluba Sub Health Centre told Loop PNG that rumbling sounds have become louder and smoke around the area has thickened since Tuesday January 30.

However the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) says there’s nothing unusual going on.

RVO’s principal geodetic surveyor, Steve Saunders said satellite observations and pilot reports were instructed to look at Karkar since January 30.

Geothermal energy found on Karkar Island

This was announced by Member for Sumkar Ken Fairweather in Parliament on Friday.

Fairweather asked if PNG Power can travel to the Island to investigate if the geothermal energy can be used for electricity.

Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth and it's clean and sustainable.

Fairweather said Karkar Island has the perfect scenario for geothermal production of electricity which is very cheap and clean form of electricity.

Treasury officers not where they should be: Land official

This was revealed by District Land Officer Ben Keith to Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch on Monday, during the opening of Sumkar District Tournament in Kinim Station.

Keith says the people of Karkar and Sumgilbar, along the North Coast road, are forced to travel to town and get services because of the officers’ preferred location.

“People of Karkar Island from Waskia and Takia, including Bagbag Island, have to waste money on boat fee down to mainland than another bus fare to town to see those public servants.

“The Treasury office is always closed,” Keith claims.

Minister Pruaitch opens Sumkar district games

Minister Pruaitch says the government is focusing on developing youths and one way is to get them involved in sporting activities.

“The government is focusing on building tomorrow’s generation and keeping them fit to take the nation forward,” stresses Pruaitch.

“The government is cutting K10 million each year to districts, which gives a total of K50 million in five years for the districts to use to develop and also allocate funding for such sporting activities.”

Business houses in rural Madang told to tighten up security

Madang police station commander, Senior Inspector Vincent Isanda made the call earlier this week following an armed robbery on Karkar Island, allegedly committed by some gang members from town.

Isandea said 11 men entered Kulkul Coconut Plantation on Karkar Island and ran off with K21,300 in cash and properties worth more K25,000.

Kulkul is part of the Biabi Group of Companies, which is major copra buyer on Karkar Island. It has been providing other external services to the islanders for decades.