National Book Week

5yo’s skills stun crowd

He is shy and does not talk or play much. But when called upon to read to his peers and the public at the Kuluanda Literacy Library last week, he trudged up, in bare feet and tons of confidence, silencing the crowd with his clear voice and new-found literacy skill.

Elizah’s thrilling reading act was one of the highlights of August 11, the final day of a week-long event organised at the literacy library to mark the annual National Book Week. The children put up role plays and activities in front of emotional parents and the general public to show what they have learnt.

Unitech library to observe book week

The event will be held at the Taraka main campus.

The library management is bringing the celebrations to the campus for the first time, unlike in the past years where they go out to schools to celebrate.

The theme for this year is “Libraries for National Building”.

Several schools in the city have been invited to participate in the fair, with lots of fun activities planned by the staff, including quizzes, treasure hunts and search race.

​National Book Week to be observed

The NBW is one of the annual events within the Ministry of Education that is organised and coordinated by the Office of the Library and Archives. 

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, says: “During the NBW, teachers and students of all institutions throughout the country are required to participate in this event actively. This is so that they can promote and celebrate books and reading as important sources of enhancing knowledge acquired during teaching and learning.