Dr Uke Kombra

Top 20 schools awarded

The awards were given out by Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, to the principals of the respective schools in Port Moresby.

The secretary’s awards are given out to recognize the students and schools that perform highly during an academic year.

“A few years ago we have decided that we must recognize the students and schools that are performing and are working very hard,” stated Dr Kombra.

“This is the third year running that we are going to recognize the schools that have been working very hard to achieve better results for the students.

Education Dept condemns killing of female officer

News of the brutal killing of Central woman, Grace Gavera, who was an employee of the Education Department, went viral on social media, after she was allegedly beaten to death at Erima on Saturday by her partner.

Dr Kombra said it was unfortunate that the Department is observing the 16 Days of Activism Against ‘Gender Based Violence and Human Rights Campaign’, which runs from November 25 to December 10, when this hideous incident took place.

2018 school examination dates

The 2018 National Examination dates are as follows;

  • Examination (Grade 10) Monday 8th October – Friday 12th October

(1 week only)

A total of 72,012 Grade 10 students in 328 high/secondary schools will sit for the Lower Secondary School Certificate Examination

  • Examination (Grade 12) Monday 15th October – Friday 19th October

 (1 week only)

Gr 10 exam set for June 7

More than 50 thousand Grade 10 students nationwide will sit for the examinations.

72,000 Grade 10 students will be expected to sit the exam in 322 provincial high and secondary schools. 

These include the permitted schools that are not under the National Education System.

While there was no record of major incidences of malpractice or cheating during examinations last year, Dr Kombra has issued warnings ahead of the June 7th exams to teachers and students.

Reminder for teachers

Students will commence classes a week later on Monday, January 29.

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, says once the teachers resume duties, they will be required to report to their principal, head teacher or manager to confirm that they have been posted to the school by the National Education Board or the Provincial Education Board.

Dr Kombra urges all teachers and new graduates to remember to complete the Resumption of Duty Summary Sheet or RODSS, and Teacher Record of Appointment and other relevant documents.

New library for Taurama

The Sir Buri Kidu Library will also serve as a resource, learning, training and community development centre.

Two months ago, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra revealed the decline in public libraries from 22 in 1975 to only 6 now in operation.

With the ultimate aim of upgrading information centres, promoting English as first language amongst students, having a more informed populace and eliminating illiteracy, Dame Carol Kidu started a community project; the Sir Buri Kidu Library.

Education boss calls for extra security on exam papers

Dr Kombra issued this warning after experiencing problems of claimed examination papers being sold on streets last year to students.

He has also urged the Provincial Education authorities, Governing Councils, schools and the communities to ensure that the Exam Papers are safe-guarded using additional reliable securities.

“The school Principal will be held accountable for the security of examination papers.

“Therefore, he/she should take all precautionary measures.”

67,500 students sit for Gr 10 exam


The exams start today (October 9) to Friday, October 13, 2017.

These students are from 302 high and secondary schools throughout the country.

Out of this number of schools, 170 are high schools with classes up to Grade 10 only.

The students will be sitting for a total of 12 subjects.

Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said this examination is very important for the students because they contribute to their final assessments for the year.

​Everyone’s responsibility to eradicate illiteracy: Kombra

Speaking during the 22nd National Literacy Week launch at Tapini High School in Goilala district of Central Province on Monday, Dr Kombra said more effort is required from every sector of the community to raise the level of literacy in PNG.

“When we all play our part, every Papua New Guinean will become literate and will be able to participate meaningfully in the socio-development of our country.”

​National Book Week to be observed

The NBW is one of the annual events within the Ministry of Education that is organised and coordinated by the Office of the Library and Archives. 

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, says: “During the NBW, teachers and students of all institutions throughout the country are required to participate in this event actively. This is so that they can promote and celebrate books and reading as important sources of enhancing knowledge acquired during teaching and learning.