Teacher graduates enter college illegally

The Education Department is taking a strong stand against students who took up studies at Teachers Colleges using fraudulent means, without proper process.

In a press conference this afternoon, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra said the department is serious about giving quality education to every child in the country.

Dr Kombra said the Department is cracking down on the issue and will hold principals of those colleges, responsible.

This follows recent reports in the media that the 2019 graduates of Balob Teachers College were querying why the Education Department has yet to approve and issue their Diplomas for posting.

The Education Department reported that 609 non-school leaver graduates of 2019, did not follow due process to get into colleges.

Even some were accepted to study with very low GPA’s of Passes and Upper Passes.

However, the Secretary says the department has made a responsible decision by issuing only 153 graduates out of the 609 of 2019, with their teaching Diplomas, because they scored a maximum GPA of 1.8 and above.

Dr. Kombra says principals of these colleges will be dealt with accordingly.

Jemimah Sukbat