Balob Teachers College

Lae police appeal for calm

A confrontation started between Balob Teachers College students and Butibam villagers yesterday at around 10pm.

Fighting continued this morning, where traffic was disrupted and classes were suspended.

Chief superintendent Kunyanban addressed Balob staff and students this morning on campus before moving over to Butibam village.

Teacher trainees clash with villagers

A student has been admitted to the hospital while police held dialogue with both parties to contain the situation.

Traffic along the Butibam Road and Independence Drive was disrupted as students from the Balob Teachers College attacked Butibam youth with knives and stones.

Classes at the college and nearby Amba Demonstration Primary School were suspended following the incident.

Teacher graduates enter college illegally

In a press conference this afternoon, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra said the department is serious about giving quality education to every child in the country.

Dr Kombra said the Department is cracking down on the issue and will hold principals of those colleges, responsible.

This follows recent reports in the media that the 2019 graduates of Balob Teachers College were querying why the Education Department has yet to approve and issue their Diplomas for posting.

Balob principal to be disciplined

This follows the Education Department’s vetting of graduates where it was established that a large number from Balob did not meet the entry requirements.

A circular dated January 25th was released from the Education Secretary’s office regarding the decision on 2019 graduates from teacher training institutions.

In the circular, the minimum grade point average, or GPA, for entry was outlined for heads of institutions to follow.

Frustrated teachers halt Balob registration

A large number of frustrated teachers who graduated in the past two years gathered outside the administration building today, demanding answers from the principal.

It is believed over 600 teachers who graduated from Balob in 2019 and 2020 are yet to receive their diplomas.

Samson Nicholas, who is from Southern Highlands, graduated in 2019 and was posted to the Eroro Primary School in Northern Province. Without his diploma and teacher provisional registration, he has not been put on payroll.

ICT boost for teaching colleges

Dauli Teachers College, Enga Teachers College, Melanesian Nazarene Teachers College, Holy Trinity College, Balob Teachers College, Madang Teachers College, Gaulim Teachers College and St Peter Chanel Teachers College were proud beneficiaries of this upgrade, supported by the Australian government in partnership with the Government of Papua New Guinea.