Butibam village

Lae police appeal for calm

A confrontation started between Balob Teachers College students and Butibam villagers yesterday at around 10pm.

Fighting continued this morning, where traffic was disrupted and classes were suspended.

Chief superintendent Kunyanban addressed Balob staff and students this morning on campus before moving over to Butibam village.

Teacher trainees clash with villagers

A student has been admitted to the hospital while police held dialogue with both parties to contain the situation.

Traffic along the Butibam Road and Independence Drive was disrupted as students from the Balob Teachers College attacked Butibam youth with knives and stones.

Classes at the college and nearby Amba Demonstration Primary School were suspended following the incident.

Concern over incomplete work

Stormwater filled with rubbish floods nearby homes while soil erosion is reducing the landmass of properties located right beside the unfinished drain.

Work on the Butibam stormwater drainage project, under a local contractor, resumed in December 2020.

The project costing was K1.5 million while the Morobe Provincial Government gave the contractor K988,000 to construct a drain connecting Bumantop to the Bumbu River.

Men and youth from the village were hired while sand and stones were sourced, free-of-charge, from a nearby area called Gravel.

​Butibam road to be resealed

The 1.5 kilometre road from Kamkumung passing through Butibam village, and connecting Busu Road, will cost the Morobe Provincial Government K1.9 million.

The project is a commitment made by Naru during the opening of the Butibam Resource Centre, funded by the Lae District Development Authority (DDA), in August last year.

“This project will commence within the next few days and it will take eight weeks to complete,” the Governor said during the official ground breaking ceremony last Saturday.

​Naru warns Water PNG

Naru issued the warning after learning from Butibam villagers that Water PNG has given notice to shut down water supply due to non-payment of bills.

During the ground breaking ceremony of the re-sealing of Butibam village road last Saturday, Ahi paramount chief Nathanial Malac told Governor Naru and those gathered that Water PNG has issued notice to shut down water supply without considering their ownership of land and water.

150 locals to graduate from financial literacy training

Thanks to the Ginigoada Bisnis Development Foundation, 82 females and 68 males will graduate in business studies and awareness skills at the village hall in two days' time.

The participants’ ages range from 14 to 67 years old.

The oldest of the lot, Nari Kamdring, told Loop PNG that after attending the two-week course, she is determined to start her own business.

“One highlight I learnt was to have a goal in any form of business you do. Only that will drive your business successfully.”