Balob principal to be disciplined

The principal of the Balob Teachers College in Lae will be facing disciplinary action.

This follows the Education Department’s vetting of graduates where it was established that a large number from Balob did not meet the entry requirements.

A circular dated January 25th was released from the Education Secretary’s office regarding the decision on 2019 graduates from teacher training institutions.

In the circular, the minimum grade point average, or GPA, for entry was outlined for heads of institutions to follow.

For those who enrolled in 2017, the minimum GPA for entry was 1.8 while those who enrolled in 2018 were expected to score a GPA above 2.

For Balob Teachers College, its situation came to light when frustrated teachers who had graduated in 2019 and 2020 fronted at its administration building, calling for their diplomas and teacher provisional registration certificates.

It is believed that some of those teachers from Balob, who entered as non-school leavers in 2017 and 2018, did not get their diplomas because their names were not sent to the Education Department for final screening before they were enrolled.

Furthermore, Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra, said graduates who entered teacher training institutions through illegal means will have their awards cancelled, and this includes giving fake or falsified Grade 10 or 12 documents.

Dr Kombra had warned that heads of institutions and others who fail to uphold standards and comply with instructions will face disciplinary action.

Hence, while the department has reviewed the situation and requirements will be set for the over 600 Balob teachers to get their diplomas, instructions have been issued for the principal, Jerry Hendingao, to be disciplined.

(Balob principal, Jerry Hendingao)

Carmella Gware
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